Beautiful love story of two unyielding disabled persons

Having overcome the difficulties in the past and their disabilities, Mr. Đạt (Vietnam) and Mrs. Huyen (Vietnam) come to live under the same roof. The life does not give you a fairy tale, but man can write their own.

In their humble rented house at the end of an alley in Ho Chi Minh city these days, there is full of laughter because just only  a few upcoming days, their marriage is going to take place. However, to enjoy today happiness, both Mr. Dat and Mrs. Huyen spent a long time to struggle with fate by all their power.

Their wedding album was made voluntarily  by ABOB  as a wedding present.

Having a thought of death because “Living is being a burden for my family”.
At the age of 2, Nguyen Thi Le Huyen (1980, An Giang, Vietnam) suffered from polio fever which made her partial paralysis of the arms and legs. Unfortunately, her father left, her mother with the help of her grandmother had to manage to earn living and take care of the family. They brought her to many good doctors, her hands could be saved from the disease but her legs could not.

Misfortune came to the 8-year-old girl again when it took her lovely mom from her after a boat accident.

“At that time, we were very poor! Because of the health of grandmother and I, my two aunts did not get married to look after us more easily ”- she recalled her childhood.
To go to school, she always  needed the help of the teacher, classmates but when school was far from home, going to school became harder then she had to leave school and could not finish the 2nd year of primary school.

Because she did not want to be a burden of aunts, she sold lottery tickets behind their back to earn a little bit money. She said: “I always kept in mind the image in which  how hard my aunt delivered 50-kilo- rice bags to every single family. That’s why I did not dare spend their money. Despite the age, I sold lottery tickets to make  more money. When I stayed alone, I thought of death many times as I felt bad for my life, I made my family so  miserable.”

The life of Chung Chi Đat (1981, Cu Chi, Viet Nam) is also full of sadness and sorrow. In 2011, a car accident took the left leg from him. His family is poor, his dad passed away earlier, that’s why he got very depressed after the accident and want to die to not make his family more miserable. The time on the sickbed with him were the haunting days.

Mr. Dat also had ever thought of the death to not put any pressure on his family.

The sky is above your head, do not give up.
Burying deeply the tears , Mrs. Huyen came to Ho Chi Minh city with some friends to follow job training courses for the disables. After graduation, she has worked for a sewing company.
“Since I joined this agency, I know more people and their situations which make me stronger and  do not think of  death anymore. I realize that there are also many people like her, their life is even tougher than her but it can not stop them. They have never blamed the life for their misery. Instead, they stay hopeful for a better day. Therefore, I have to follow them.” she shared sincerely.

In 2011, she became officially a swimming athletes for Ho Chi Minh city sport team of the disabled. For five- year-competition, she has gained many gold medals, silver medals nationwide for  the breaststroke and backstroke.  She excitedly said : “My legs could do nothing but my hands could try their best . As I swim, I feel like I fight with this life, I need to go ahead by myself.” Thanks to those excellent sport result, she has more money to buy a motorbike on her own. When she goes for swimming competition, she has more friends. She feels more optimistic about  the future.

As to Mr. Dat, after being encouraged by the relatives and seeing other disabled, he got motivated a lot to move on. He learned to repair motorbikes and run his own motor repair shop. “One day a client coming to my shop suggested teaching me  to repair fans, I accept it immediately”. Though he earns not much money, he feels satisfied with the present life.

Under one roof….
 “The life stole  a leg from me but makes up for an excellent wife. Sometimes I feel myself lucky” he laughed out loud.

3 years ago, Mr. Dat and Mrs. Huyen  knew each other thanks to a mutual friend. Falling down with her personality, he tried hard to meet her.  According to Mrs. Huyen, every morning, he brought her the breakfast, kindly  took care of her. When she got sick, he did not find it hard to look after her. Finally his cares touched her heart.

Many times he proposed to her but just got the objection from her family. “ My aunts did not let me  marry  him because of our health. She asked  how  two disabled persons could take care of each other. However, when they saw our heartfelt love, they approved” she told.

On the 22nd  of May, the couple gets married. Their wedding received the support of Sport Centre of Tan Binh urban district and admiration from many people.

After the tough time, Mr. Dat and Mrs. Huyen will be together on the happy road. The life took their legs but it cannot took their hope and belief.

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