Husband plans to do a special thing for his dementia wife

It is about a couple with a beautiful love story and a wonderful wedding. However, the bride suffered from amnesia resulted from a car accident. The husband tried hard to take back her memories.

Jeremy and Justice Stamper first met when they were little, then dated since they were in high school. The couple got married on the 1st of August 2014 in a park in Virginia, US.

Jeremy said that : “We were at the top of the world, newly-wed and our whole lives ahead of us”

Unfortunately, just 19 days after the wedding, Justice got in a car crash. She could survive later but was not able to remember anything and got many injuries.

One  month after the accident, she was still recovering.

However she had to confess to Jeremy that “I don’t want you to be mad… but I don’t remember the wedding.”
She totally lost her memories of 5 weeks before the accident including those of wedding.

Justice tried to spend hours looking  at their photos to recall memories about the wedding but “nothing came back to me” she said.

Jeremy decided to redo their wedding for Justice to feel their big day one more time. “I was heartbroken and instantly said I would do it all again for her.”

Their story soon received the support from the media, the organization, the companies donating photography, wedding cake, and more to help them to make the second wedding day.

Their second wedding day is going to be organized on August 1st this year, 1 years after their first wedding .

“This is extremely important to me right now. A wedding is an event that has to be remembered by two people rather than by only one of us. I don’t care if the memory loss can be reversed. We will do it all over again!” Jeremy Stamper said.

All the fans of this couple are very excited about their big event and to send numerous  wishes to them. Indeed , as long as love still lies in two hearts, the best memories stay alive forever.

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