Old wooden box can be transformed into lovely vintage shelf

With just a little bit of dexterity, you can make an ugly wooden box to a vintage shelf.

Nothing is useless, garbage can be a useful thing when you are creative. If you don’t believe, watch these pictures and you will find out it’s true:

The hanging shelf  made of the useless wooden box can decorate the wall in vintage style, which has been so famous in these recent years. 

– First, saw the wooden box in half and then grind it with a piece of sandpaper so that you can eliminate the jagged wood.
– Measure and cut 2 thin wooden panels whose  length and width are fit for the inside of the wooden crate
– Stick those 2 wooden panels on the inside surface by wood glue
– Finally, you just need to hang it on the wall so that you can have a lovely hanging vintage shelf.
Now, let’s have a look at some pictures of your work:

Throwing the old water storage cask away is such a waste because we can totally recycle it and can transform it into a beautiful and useful shelf. It can  save your money , decorate your house as well as improve your creation.


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