6 criteria prove that your sex life deserves an A score

by duyhungb5

It is difficult to figure out if our sexual life is excellent because people find it hard to have a frank talk about it. Are you as happy as other couples? These following signs will indicate whether you enjoy a wonderful sex life and teach you how to strengthen it.

1.You feel comfortable
According to Dr. Jane Greer, relationship expert, author, once both of you feel satisfied and passionate during sex, it manifests that everything is running well. Even when there is a problem, the important thing is to share and express your feeling so your partner could respond and find the solution. 
It seems simple but quite difficult in practice. Thus, you should have sex more frequently to build a perfect relationship.


2.You prioritize sex in your relationship
Show your partner the importance of them and your love life to you is the key to a perfect sex life. According to Ava Cadell- a sexologist, scheduling a sex appointment helps a busy couple to spend time together and indicates the sex’s role.
While many people believe that having an intercourse depends on couple’s lust and a sudden feeling, scientists still encourage doing it. Except for having a leisure life, clearly scheduled sex is the best idea.
Many couples do not have much time for sexual life because their life is surrounded by their children, housework, work… therefore, scheduling sex will make it easier and more active for you to arrange a reasonable time.

3.You are deeply in love
Feeling connected during intercourse is a welcoming sign. No matter how often you have sex, the comfortable and pleasant feeling is the main point. 
Quantity cannot evaluate your sexual life. Those people who only focus on the frequency of sex have to face certain tension and rarely enjoy the pleasure.

4.You often feel pleasure
Pleasure is not everything however, it proves that everything goes well. Without excitement and comfort during intercourse, you cannot get it.


5.You feel closely attached with your partner.
A tie between two people points out that they enjoy a wonderful sexual life. Love through physical touch is helpful in connecting your minds. It is the reason why after having a beautiful intimate night, you become more comfortable and closer.

You are readily creative and comfortable or able to bring something new to your bedroom. It points out  that you enjoy a pleasant sexual life. Changing schedule of sex, making love in a new place or renewing sex positions might give you fresh emotions and interesting experiences.


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