12 great ideas for creating your dream kitchen

by duyhungb5

Instead of using wooden cabinets, use cabinets with glass doors or open shelves, instead of ordinary items, use “unusual” items, your kitchen will become impressive and great. Much better!
The kitchen is the heart of the house, so we all want it to look great and comfortable and fully functional.
The kitchen plays an important role in the house; it is a place for living and eating for the entire family. The renovation of the old kitchen to become modern, to maximize the use of many homeowners, is concerned.
A stylish, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable kitchen adds value to the house and serves the cooking better.
It is not too difficult to make a dream come true. Here are a few interesting ideas that will help you make your kitchen the most popular place in the home.

Your kitchen design ideas

  1. Use open shelves for storage
    Cupboards with doors can reduce the free space in your kitchen. Open shelves provide a more airy feel.
  1. Use furniture and paint lightly
    Furniture and walls painted in bright colors or pastel colors will create a more spacious feel for the kitchen space.
  1. Add lighting
    As much light as possible, but if you can’t increase the size of the window, you can add one to the lamp. It is important that you have plenty of light when preparing food.
  1. Fool your perception
    Smartly using vertical lines can help make your kitchen feel bigger. Vertical lines will make your kitchen look longer, and horizontal lines will add depth, making narrow spots look wider. For example, the tiny vertical lines on these cabinets.
  1. Use free space wisely
    Every square meter in a small kitchen shouldn’t be wasted. Use the free space to organize your shelves in the most functional and efficient way that will help you store more.
  1. Removable desk
    This can be a great help to use a removable table as a cutting board or food preparation area. You can also use it for slicing, cutting, they will give you a more convenient kitchen island space.
  1. Create more open space in the kitchen
    The cabinets with glass doors function like open shelves in the function of creating more space, but they have the added function of preventing dust from sticking to the items you store inside. Plus, it also makes it easier to find items behind a glass door than a closed door which will save you time searching.
  1. Use color to “deceive” the vision
    Using an eye-catching design on the wall is a tip that perfectly applies to your kitchen, it will make your kitchen look bigger, deeper and more open. For example, the dark cobalt blue in the bottom corner of the cabinet.
  1. Striped motifs
    There may be nothing special about using a striped pattern on your walls, but if you put a striped pattern in the right place, your kitchen will look brighter and more colorful.
  1. Real plants and flowers
    Real potted plants can refresh the space of any room. The most important thing here is to choose something easy to maintain and clean. For example, herbal plants, such as herbs, help the green space of the plant while keeping the kitchen fresh. Or fresh flowers cut in the garden or bought from the market early in the morning.
  1. Refresh
    Has anyone said that a famous designer must make your kitchen? Help your kitchen become more beautiful with your own hands.
  1. Use a high cupboard with multiple shelves
    A cupboard like this is not only convenient but also spacious, it only needs a small floor and will fit almost any interior.


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