Making fabric masks by yourself is not difficult

by duyhungb5

You absolutely can make some fabric masks for yourself and your family members easily. Let’s try it now!

Materials you need to prepare:

  • 1 20x35cm rectangular cotton fabric for the mask
  • 2 rectangular cotton fabrics of 4.5x15cm size for splint
  • 2 elastic bands with 0.6cm wide boards 16.5cm long for straps
  • Tools: sewing machine, pin, sewing needle, ruler, scissors, chalk.


  1. First, you fold the patterned cloth, the right side of the fabric inside, the width edges overlap. Stitch the thread along the edge of the length 0.6 cm from the edge of the fabric.
  1. You turn the right side of the fabric out, use the flat iron on both sides of the fabric to get the folds.
  1. Next, you place a parallel Ruler 3.75 cm away from the fold of the fabric. Using a pencil or chalk, draw lines to mark the creases. Similarly, you place the ruler to draw the second parallel line 2.5 cm from the first line.
  1. Fold the fabric on the lower side following the first line.
  1. You turn the top of the folded fabric, the first fold up so that the fold coincides with the second drawn line forming the first floating fold. Use a staple to fix the ends of the floating folds.
  1. Next, draw a third parallel line 1.2 cm away from the first floating fold. And draw the 4th line parallel to the 3rd line 2.5cm (at the same time parallel to the first folding line 3.7cm).
  1. Similar to step 5, fold the third line to make the second floating fold parallel to the first. And use staples to fix the fold.
  1. Then, do the same for steps 6 and 7 of the 3 parallel floating folds 1.2 cm away from the 2nd floating fold, fixed staples.
  1. You sew a straight line to fix the folds and 0.4 cm from the edge of the fabric. Similarly, you sew a straight line that fixes the opposite end of the fold.
  1. You put 2 elastic C-shaped segments on opposite ends of the mask sheet that just stitched, so that the ends of the elastic band coincide with the 2 corners of the fabric edge that just sewn the fold. Sewing fixed 4 ends of elastic.
  1. Double the plaid width, the outer right side of the fabric, use a flat iron as a splint.
  1. You place the cloth splint on the fabric edge of the mask that has the 2 ends of the elastic, so that the edges overlap, the fabric folds inward. Fold the excess fabric splint ends over the back of the mask, fixing clips.
  1. You sew the stitching 0.6 cm from the edge of the fabric, then flip the fabric splint upwards to follow the stitching thread.
  1. Turn over the back of the page, you fold the edge of the cloth brace inward, stapling it in place.
  1. You stitched 2 stitches for sure. Similarly, you sew the fabric splint for the other end of the mask and you are done
    So your mask is done!
    Note: You can add a thin middle layer of fabric to increase the thickness of the mask!

Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:45:29.

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