After the age of 40, if you have these 3 characteristics, it proves a healthy liver, and strong physical strength

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The liver is a very important “chemical factory” for the human body, the metabolism and synthesis in the human body all need the liver to function, if there is a problem for the functioning of the liver. Harm to the health of the complete body.

What’s more frightening, we know that the liver is also a silent organ of the body, when it comes to illness, damage will not be predicted by pain like other organs, only need 1/3 to be active. Yes, the liver can still survive.
This is the reason when many people find out they have liver disease, the disease usually has entered a worse stage.
If you turn 40 years old onwards, your body still has the following 3 characteristics, congratulations, you have a healthy physique and are a prerequisite for a long life. Try to see if you meet these criteria.

3 characteristics of people with healthy liver that are the foundation for longevity

  1. Full of energy
    The healthier the liver, the more active and full of energy the human body is. When the liver has a problem, the sick person will often show signs of fatigue or exhaustion, this is when the liver function is imbalanced and there is a problem in the metabolism in the body.
    The problem is that people will show muscle weakness, especially after a period of rest, which is still very tiring.
  1. Good facial color, bright pink, smooth, less acne prone
    We can see that many people with beautiful skin or few acne on their face, most of them have very healthy liver. Since the liver affects the development of the corpus luteum hormone in our body, if the liver has damage to the luteum hormone, the facial skin produces an enormous amount of oil, leading to clogged pores and blemishes. .
    Therefore, people with facial acne should be more wary if something goes wrong with their liver.
  2. Pink palms
    Many people with liver disease have a more pronounced feature on the palms of the palms that appear many small red pimples, though not painful or itchy, but that is a sign of liver disease.
    These are warning signs of liver disease on the palms of the hands. If the palms of rosy palms show that our liver is very healthy and the amount of blood is abundant.
    Besides the above 3 symptoms, if the body has the following 4 “signs”, it should be noted, because it proves that the liver has been severely damaged, requiring prompt intervention.

4 phenomena of liver damage that need urgent attention

  1. Hair loss easily and scalp more oily than before (excluding those of oily skin group).
  2. Every morning, wake up, feel bad breath, bad breath.
  3. Severe insomnia, or when sleeping well, is also very easy to wake up.
  4. Unable mentality, irritability, becoming irritable and often irritable about things that are not serious.

To keep the liver healthy, pay attention to regularly do the following 3 things:

  1. Drink more tea
    Supplementing with some herbal remedies, herbal teas beneficial to the liver can help clear away junk and toxins that accumulate in the liver.
    Water is very important for the liver, and water is also the means of providing the best nutrients. When we drink water, supplement with some Chinese medicines, herbal teas beneficial to the liver can help clear away garbage and toxins that accumulate in the liver, bring nutrients in Chinese medicine to the liver, improve health of the liver and prevent liver diseases.
  • Chamomile Tea: Purifies heat, detoxifies, diffuses wind, and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals in the body to the liver.
  • Honeysuckle Tea: Helps the liver to break down toxins and reduces damage caused by toxins.
  • Burdock Root Tea: Promotes the body’s absorption of nutrients and prevents nutrient deficiencies in the body organs, which leads to disease.
  • Cinnamon Tea: Strengthens the spleen and stomach, can improve dry mouth and bad breath, has beauty and beauty effects.
  1. Don’t stay up late
    Staying up late, though not directly damaging the liver, will make the liver unable to recover effectively and will accumulate the burden on liver function.
    Therefore, staying up late is the factor that promotes liver damage, if you cannot avoid staying up late, it is still important to ensure enough sleep as a healthy quality of sleep is the foundation of liver health.
  1. Don’t drink alcohol
    Alcohol harms the liver a lot. Today, alcohol causes most. Some people who drink alcohol without control will easily lead to liver cancer, so not drinking alcohol can significantly reduce the rate of liver disease.

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