Meticulously trim the radish into a super beautiful rose

With a little skill and meticulousness, you can prune radish into beautiful and lifelike roses to decorate the plate more impressively!
To prune a radish into a rose, you need to prepare the following ingredients:


  • 1 beetroot
  • Pruning knives: pointed knives (pruning flowers), small knives
  • Some fresh rose leaves
  • A bowl of water to soak


First, you use a knife to cut off the top 1/3 of the stem of the radish. Place the rest of the radish flat, peel, and round like a mandarin. Next, you trim one more round of radish tapered to the stem of papaya.
Use a knife to trim the outer petals, thin, naturally curved petals.
Next, you cut off the hump between the 2 layers of petals. Use a knife to remove the plaque to create beautiful thin petals. Similar to the way of pruning the first layer of petals, trim the second layer of petals, alternating with the first layer of petals. You continue to remove the hump, then trim the third layer of petals alternating with the second layer of petals, and remove the hump inside the third layer of petals.
Pruning the pistil: using a flower knife with pointed tips, trim the petals from the outside to the inside in order from big to small. Each petal layer consists of 4 alternating petals, two inner petals lying between the outer petals. If you use white radish, which can be soaked in purple cabbage juice with white vinegar for two or three hours, you will have a beautiful color rose. You soak the pruned flower in cool water for 2-3 minutes, the petals will be harder, the flower will be more beautiful.

Finished products

Putting radish roses decorated on a plate with a few greens rose leaves looks as beautiful as real flowers, right! The family’s everyday dining table becomes more eye-catching than the rose trimmed from a radish.

Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:47:54.

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