Vegetarian Seaweed Soup

by duyhungb5

Does anyone expect that a small bowl of seaweed soup has miraculous effects in reducing blood pressure, detoxifying, detoxifying the liver, reducing cholesterol in the blood, anti-aging skin …So many people consider this as a remedy. precious and processed in family meals to protect health. In particular, seaweed soup is suitable for hot summer days. In addition, this novel soup will help you to lessen your doubts while choosing and changing the daily vegetarian menu without worrying about nutrition. However, if you do not know how to prepare the seaweed, your soup will have a fishy taste, so you can refer to the recipe below for the perfect bowl of soup for your family.

1 sheet of dried seaweed
2 young tofu covers
1 ripe tomato
1 syrup
1 bunch of cilantro
Other necessary spices: cooking oil, salt, seasoning seeds, ground pepper …

Step 1: In the case of using dry seaweed to cook soup, soak the dried seaweed sheet in a bowl of cold water until the seaweed is soft, then wash it and keep it in the basket to drain.

Step 2: With tomatoes, wash and morph the areca zone. Next, you wash and cut the tofu into bite-sized pieces. As for the tilapia, you cut it into a bowl.

Step 3: Then, you put the pot on the stove with 1 teaspoon of cooking oil. When the oil is old, you add the tilapia onions to keep it fragrant, then cook the tomatoes to color the soup. Then, you add enough water to eat into the pot, boil until boiling.

Step 4: Next, you put tofu in the pot of soup. The secret to cooking delicious vegetarian seaweed soup, attracting people to eat, is immediately seasoning 1 teaspoon of salt in this step. Then, you put the seaweed in the pot, proceed to taste it again, to taste better. Next, you add the washed cilantro into the pot, stir well, put the dish in the bowl and enjoy.

4 notes when processing vegetarian seaweed soup

Firstly, in addition to the above ingredients, you can also incorporate many other ingredients in the way of cooking vegetarian dry seaweed soup such as vegetarian shrimp, lotus seeds, minced meat, mushrooms …
Second, you should not cook seaweed for too long because it will lose the nutritional content as well as the seaweed will be tough.
Third, although seaweed is a nutritious food, according to the recommendations of experts, you should only use this ingredient in a moderate amount, to avoid overeating for a long time.
Fourth, you can pre-process seaweed with ginger to drown out the inherent smell of this ingredient. However, you should only use them in small quantities if you do not want the soup to lose the characteristic flavor of the seaweed.

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