10 signs that your body is flooded with toxins that need immediate detox

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When the body is accumulating too many toxins, you will easily encounter 10 symptoms below.
Toxins are everywhere all around us, be it in the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat. Even your favorite phone is a “bacteria” that can make you sick. Everyday toxins can build up in our bodies and by the time it reaches its peak, you can become seriously ill.
To help you realize that it’s time to detox, Bright Side has compiled a list of symptoms that indicate your body is overloaded with toxins.

  1. Constipation
    When we eat food, we are also inadvertently consuming many additional chemicals such as preservatives, colorants, and artificial flavors. The digestive tract also has to deal with this toxic layer. The accumulation of this toxin can lead to abdominal pain and constipation.
    Eating organic foods, limiting alcohol intake, and drinking plenty of fluids will help.
  1. Suffer from brain fog
    If you feel dizzy, dizzy and unable to concentrate even in the morning after a good night’s sleep, then harmful toxins may be messing with you. These toxins cause a range of reactions that deplete the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function.
  1. The body stinks even after deodorizing
    You showered in the morning, put on deodorant, and the people around you still covered your nose while standing next to you. Chances are, your body is full of toxins and that is what makes you smell. These toxins, when digested, will generate gas and odors while escaping through the pores of the body and giving you an extremely foul odor.

  1. Muscle, joint pain
    If you’re not exercising at the gym or doing some tiring physical work, but you still have muscle and joint pain, it could be a buildup of toxins. Body aches are a sign that you may have uncontrolled inflammation in your body. So if you have no other reason for the inflammation, try a detox.
  1. The dark spots appear on the skin
    The skin is the largest organ in our body and is constantly in contact with pollutants. In addition, products like shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and lotions we use can contain harmful chemicals. Exposure to too many harmful chemicals can lead to symptoms like acne, rashes, and eczema.
  1. Difficulty sleeping
    On the one hand, the buildup of toxins makes you feel exhausted and on the other, it makes the problem worse, which can damage your sleep. High levels of the toxin in your body can cause levels of the sleep-controlling hormone cortisol to drop, thus negatively impacting your sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems, so if you have difficulty sleeping more often, consider a detox.
  1. Gain weight despite exercise
    Even though you exercise regularly but continue to gain weight, indicating there may be something wrong with your hormones. Toxins can negatively affect levels of several hormones in the body, including those responsible for weight maintenance. Switching to a healthy organic diet and an all-around detox will help.
Woman measuring her tummy and weight
  1. Smelly breath
    Bad breath is often a symptom of digestive problems. It happens when your digestive system struggles to digest everything you eat. But digestive problems can also occur as your liver fights to clear all the accumulated toxins. Getting rid of the toxins is the only way you can deal with this problem.
  1. Brittle and bad toenails
    Gravity pulls the toxins down into your body, and your toenails can be the subject. When we wear them all one day, our toes become an ecosystem that mushrooms love. These combine to make the toenail a place for fungus to grow.
  1. Faster hair loss
    Hair loss is not a symptom of a toxic overload caused by daily toxins. It can result from the body being contaminated with more toxic substances such as arsenic, lead, and thallium (found in cigarette smoke) and some others, which can even be fatal. So, do not take hair loss lightly, but see your doctor early.

How to detoxify the body

If you find yourself experiencing one or more of the conditions described above, going through detox may be a good idea. While there are more complex detox procedures, making some simple lifestyle changes can also help.

  • Drink a lot of water; it helps to flush toxins out.
  • To keep liver healthy, drink dandelion tea or add parsley, coriander to your meal.
  • Yoga: It improves body circulation and helps to detoxify.
  • Brush your teeth at night after dinner. And don’t forget to use a tongue scraper.
  • Eat only organic and clean foods.
  • Add probiotics to your diet.
  • Only use natural cosmetic products that are free of fragrance and other toxins.


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