Delicious Chinese Food, Easy To Make

China has dishes that are processed very carefully and meticulously, but there are also quite simple dishes to make at home. In this article, you will be guided to make outstanding delicacies of this country.

Tofu with Sichuan sauce – Chinese delicacy

If you’re learning how to cook Chinese food, the Sichuan tofu tomato sauce is worth a try. This is an extremely famous dish and is also the pride of the Chinese because this dish has been learned and modified by many other countries in its own style. Tofu must be young beans, lightly bitten to melt in the mouth but not crumbled, tomato sauce and sweet and sour minced meat are very sweet and sour.

How to make tofu with Sichuan sauce
To make tofu with Sichuan sauce, you need to prepare young tofu, minced pork (or beef), tomatoes, and a few other ingredients and spices.
First, you should not fragrant purple onion with chili powder, satay, oyster oil, and sesame oil to fragrant for about 1 minute. After that, add diced tomatoes and minced meat and stir-fry, taste a little soy sauce. Once the meat is done, add the tofu and gently add a little warm water, taste it, and turn on low heat to allow the beans to slowly absorb the spices. When you see the beans are beautiful and just eaten, you turn off the heat, scoop the beans into a deep plate and decorate a few more onions and cilantro to look beautiful.

Onion pancakes

Onion pancakes are a popular Chinese dish, easy to eat, and also easy to make. As the name suggests, pancakes are a combination of two main ingredients: multi-purpose cake flour and onions (or chives). Also, later, people also add meat or cheese to make the dish more flavorful and also more nutritious.

How to make onion pancakes
First of all, you stir the multipurpose powder with warm water to form a thin powder mixture and then mix with chopped onions. Then, you pour the dough into a pan to rinse similarly to eggs (each layer of flour corresponds to 1 cake).
When the dough is 50% cooked, you deftly take the dough out of a plate and coat a thin egg layer. Eggs are 50% cooked, you gently place the coated batter over the egg in the pan, and add the bacon (pre-fried) and cheese on the same. Rinse until the eggs and dough are fully cooked, roll the cake over. So the pancake is finished.
Pancakes can be served with ketchup or chili sauce.

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