During his father’s funeral, a strange woman appeared

For a week my family has been in a dark, tense, and tired atmosphere. My father was known as the man who loved his wife the most in the neighborhood. So my mother never thought that one day she would receive such a great shock the very day of his funeral. My father’s death left my mother’s womb a great loss and pain. But on the day of his funeral, suddenly a strange woman, puffy eyes from crying, brought a 12-year-old child to beg for mourning.

My mother was so shocked that she fainted. My brothers and sisters asked for a while, the woman just told it in detail. It turned out that 13 years ago, my father once returned to his hometown arose a relationship with this woman. But that time it was because he was so drunk that he could not control himself. After that, he returned to the city, she gave birth and endured everything for not wanting to ruin my father’s happiness. Now that my father is gone, she just wants to show you one last time.

Hearing her say, my brothers, are both loving and angry. We left her to mourn her father and arranged for her to stay at the hotel right next door so that the day of the cremation, her mother and daughter could come too.
But now my mother scolds us for self-propelling, making our own decisions without asking her opinion. She scolded us violently and went on a hunger strike because of the pain of being betrayed. No matter what advice we gave, my mother couldn’t help it. Perhaps it was because the pain had not passed and another shock had come, which caused her to lose control. How should we advise mom? And what to do with the woman’s mother?


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:48:08.

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