Green walls in the house – a shield to protect the home’s health

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The design trend of modern houses today often adds greenery to the house, both beautifying the space and helping to create a healthy atmosphere for family members.
An indoor herb garden is also a good idea for a well-lit kitchen area. However, you can also design in many other walls indoors, or outside walls of the house.
The green wall with live plants with various benefits deserves attention. Here are a few ways you can create a wall you want.

What health benefits can be found indoors?

  1. Air purification
    Pollutants exist all around us, both outdoors and indoors. Toxic smoke that gets into the air we breathe has a lot of potentials to cause disease. Some ornamental plants are very good at removing air toxins. So the more plants you put into your home, the more toxins are removed.
    These green walls can help remove formaldehyde, VOC, Carbon Monoxide, and many other harmful pollutants. You can consult trees with this feature yourself.
  1. Cool the house and protect the wall
    These living wall panels can protect your building by acting as an air conditioner, they prevent sudden temperature fluctuations. The herbs grow in patches as natural thermal insulation, keeping the indoor air cooler during the summer months, and warmer in the winter months.
    When designing these green vegetation on the exterior walls of the house, they help shield from rain, wind, UV rays, corrosive rain, and green moss. These walls also provide a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees.
  1. Help to save energy
    To put it simply, the walls on the outside of the building keep the building protected by the sun’s heat, thus making the building cooler, which means less energy is used. air conditioning. On the contrary, during the cold winter months, these green walls have the opposite effect and act as insulation, they prevent heat from being released thereby significantly reducing gas consumption.
  2. Reducing noise, creating a quiet space
    Plants help to reduce noise and eliminate pollution. In the workplace, they have been shown to increase productivity and stimulate creativity in humans. The tranquility in the space reduces stress and fatigue, in addition, they provide oxygen.
    In hospitals, these green walls are often designed to bring calm, making patients feel a shorter hospital stay.

How to build your own green wall?

First, decide if you want the wall to be indoor or outdoor. In the beginning, you should probably design a wall in the house first, as they are both easy to build and easy to maintain.
You should seek out a professional vertical wall design for advice. They will help you decide which plants are best. Plants like azaleas, chrysanthemums, aloe vera, ivy, and lilies are among those that are especially good at removing toxins. Then it is necessary to consider which wall to decorate and whether that wall receives a lot of direct sunlight or not, how humid.
Plants need air and light so they need to design them so that they can absorb nutrients. Some common ways are to hang it on the shelves or put it in storage bags, then attach directly to the wall.

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