Strange phenomenon of sleep and scientific explanation

The world always has mysteries and challenges to human curiosity. If everything in the universe was born with its own reasons, even the habits or phenomena surrounding people too. When we fall into the night, everyone will fall asleep together, giving way to the brain and body to rest, but there are always many things that make us lose sleep, even fear. So the strange phenomena that we still call “sleep paralysis”, “sleepwalking”… mean what, let’s explore!

  • Sleep paralysis.
    Sleep paralysis is when you wake up at night and feel something heavy on your chest, making it hard to breathe. You want to open your eyes and move your arms and legs, but this can’t happen. Also, when you fall into this state, you will feel scared by assuming that there is a stranger in your room. In ancient times, people explained the above phenomenon according to spiritual factors, demons.
    According to science, when falling into a state of “sleep paralysis”, it stimulates the cortex to make you “awake”. However, only the brain is awake and the muscles have not “awakened”, creating the phenomenon of feeling paralyzed all over the body as if someone is trying to hold tight. According to statistics, 7% of the world’s population has experienced sleep paralysis at least once in their life, and often with a sleeping position on your back, you will most likely suffer from this.
  • Hypnagogic illusion
    Hypnagogic delusion is when a person is sleeping but still awake, he will see strange images in front of his eyes, such as horror faces, ghosts, deformed creatures, …
    According to science, this is the kind of hallucination that can occur in healthy people. Often children will experience this phenomenon more. This can happen because you have problems with stress, anxiety or you have a rich imagination. Hypnagogic delusions may also appear if you go to bed after you’ve been drunk.
  • Talk in a word
    Revealing is a relatively common, considered a normal phenomenon that is termed somniloquy. This situation is not at all dangerous in terms of psychology or nerve, but still many people worry about it.
    The person who most commonly encounters this phenomenon is none other than children, or is an adult man when having problems such as stress, lack of sleep, having a fever, … Often when talking in a word, people will talk about things. But they disagree in actual life.
  • A dream in a dream
    Many people will have a dream situation but wake up, but strange things keep happening. It turns out that you are just dreaming of waking up, meaning that you dream of another dream while you are sleeping. After watching the famous movie Inception, which mentioned dreaming, many people also realized that they had fallen into this situation.
    The paranormalists believe that having such a dream means that you have inclination and capacity in spiritual matters. Up to now, science has not had an answer to this phenomenon.
  • Sleepwalking
    In contrast to the state of paralysis, when the mind is “paralyzed” but the body is “paralyzed”, those who experience sleepwalking will work hands and feet while the brain is resting. The person may walk, clean, or even leave the house and be in danger. When you wake up the next day, everything that happens during the night is just zero in your brain.
    This phenomenon, termed Somnambulism, occurs in about 4.6 to 10.3 percent of the population, and the most affected are probably children. Up to now, science could not fully explain the real and has not found a specific remedy.
  • “Head bursting” syndrome
    It lists another strange syndrome in human sleep. Someone will wake up feeling just hearing a loud bang or clapping sound, which is likely to cause hearing loss. A loud echo or flash effect may accompany the phenomenon in the mind. The syndrome is not dangerous but can frighten. Some people think they might have a heart attack.
    This happens when nerve activity in areas of the brain responsible for processing sounds suddenly increases. If it goes on for a long time, the person may suffer from insomnia, rapid heartbeat, panic disorders or even depression.
  • Sleep apnea
    Sleep apnea is the sudden apnea in a dream that wakes the person up. This can lead to poor sleep quality, and brain stress and lack of sleep. Arterial pressure during this time will cause you to have heart problems.
    The fact explains this that while sleeping; the organs relax and sometimes lead to airway obstruction. The subjects prone to this problem are obese people, smokers, and drug users like alcohol or the elderly. Playing a musical instrument is a way to reduce this from falling asleep.
  • Dreams repeat
    Maybe many people have experienced this feeling, dreaming of a dream again and again, so continuously that a total story is formed.
    Psychologists believe that our brains use these dreams to talk about what we haven’t achieved in life. Dreams go on repeatedly until they resolve the situation.
  • Free fall
    We may also experience feeling like we are being thrown down from above and wake up feeling scared. Maybe before that, you dreamed that you were flying in the air but tripped and fell aimlessly.
    This sensation occurs when the heart rate and breathing slow, the muscles relax and the brain “freezes”. The brain is now “frightened” because it thinks this is an actual death, so to check if we are still alive, the brain sends impulses to the muscles and causes a “lack of legs”.
  • The “spirit leaving the body” phenomenon
    This can happen while a person is resting, getting ready for bed or meditating. It happened for a relatively short time when it felt like we were entering a tunnel, the light-filled exit at the end. For those who believe in spiritual things, they believe that there is a true existence of the soul.
    This phenomenon is very difficult to study. Although the scientists knew that this hallucination existed, it was impossible to explain how it worked and why it occurred. People have not fixed the above phenomenon. However, some people know how to fall into this state.
  • Sudden “enlightenment” during sleep
    Sometimes we can’t find a solution to a problem for a long time, and so we keep thinking about it. And then, in a dream, our brain “flashed” a clue about it. Now the most important part is memorizing it.
    This is because sometimes our subconscious knows the answer, but isn’t aware. During sleep, the subconscious is more active and can provide insight into the problem.

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