7 easy-to-make Korean dishes at home

  • Tokbokki rice cakes
    Hard to make delicious dish easy to make … easy like tokbokki. You just need to buy rice cakes and sauce packages available at the supermarket and then boil them to eat. Do not forget to add other toppings such as fish balls, sausages, cheese,….
  • Kimchi fried rice
    Kimchi fried rice is easy to make
    True to its name, this dish just needs to pour kimchi into the fried rice as usual. When the family has leftover rice, eating kimchi fried rice is super reasonable, changing the wind and easy to do.
  • Mixed rice
    Making this dish is very simple, just mix hot rice with bean sprouts, beef, vegetables, fried eggs, … and a little Korean chili sauce. If there is a hot pot, it is even more correct.
  • Black noodles
    Black soy sauce noodle dish is a traditional Korean noodle dish, everyone who watches Korean movies must know. Black soy sauce can buy pre-made or homemade packages is not too difficult
  • Kimbap
    Kimbap filling can be arbitrary, but there should be a balance between meat and vegetables. Don’t forget to arrange the colors so that the dish is eye-catching.
  • Korean barbecue
    We can make our barbecue at home as delicious as the store. First, go to the supermarket (be sure to buy quality meat like Meat Deli). After that, we buy commercially available sauces at the supermarket for the marinade. It is much cheaper to cook by yourself than going out to the restaurant.
  • Bulgogi hotpot
    Bulgogi hotpot has a strong flavor of beef and is both salty and sweet and suitable for many people. Remember to eat this dish, remember to buy some Korean vermicelli to eat with.


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