8 things that could ruin your relationship

Bad habits may do harm to your marriage. Learning how to avoid them to have a happy family is very important.

In fact, the more the couple stays together, the more their mutual understanding strengthen. However, for other couples, the time could kill their relationship. The more they are together, the more they are discontent with each other.

There are some reasons as follows. 8 things can destroy your relationship.

1. Depending too much on  your partner
When a woman could find the other half of her, she tends to think of him as someone she could rely on for the rest of her life. If she lives in this way, sooner or later her marriage will be over.

Dependence on your partner, in the long run, would make them feel tired and bored. You are an independent individual, so you should have your own job, relationships, emotional need and knowledge.  

You should have your own dreams and goals . Live  for yourself, not for anyone else. True happiness and joy could only come from both sides.
2. Reality does not meet expectation
Fixing some goals to improve yourself or to be successful in life is a good thing. However, if your targets are illusory, they would be the enemy of your relationship.

Expecting your husband  to be better by setting a high standard for him is unreasonable . No one is perfect, sooner or later your criteria will be wrong.  You think that your husband is not good enough and he finds himself  underestimated and feels like not being himself anymore.

3. Not daring  argue with each other
Keep silent is not a good way to protect your marriage. To have a happy family, the important thing is that the couple could discuss frankly their misunderstanding.

If you do not express it and keep it for yourself, there will be no understanding between you and your husband. In the long run, it will ruin your relationship.

Do not be afraid of talking over your misunderstanding. Hashing out as much as possible on the basis of peace, listening, accepting, feedback and change. The debates help the couples know each other more and to eradicate your differences but they will not  make them being more unsatisfied with each other.

4. Sharing the bad things of your marriage with others
When starting a relationship, people often call out the relatives and friends’ opinions and suggestions which help them make a decision. All what you have now is resulted from a considerate process.  However… once you got married, your husband becomes the most important one to you. He should be the first one you tell about marriage problems.

If you talk to others about it in order to blow up your stress, this will make your relationship be in trouble. How would your husband react if he  knows about that ?

5. Not discussing  with your husband
Marriage bases on the link between two persons, therefore every problem should only be solved by both of you.

The wife could be the one to manage the finance, however  for the important decisions such as buying a car, a television, a motorbike or somethings like that, you should take your husband’s opinion.  Never decide on your own.

6. Lack of care
Some couples break up due to being cheated. The main cause is that they are not close to each other, leading to a separation between them.

Your marriage is in trouble when the tie between you gets worn out. Nowadays many couples   are busy with their work, children,…, they hardly spend time being with each other and gradually their love fade with time.

Remember to keep your relationship on fire.

7. Looking down on your husband
A strong relationship comes from the respect. Your marriage problems occur when one of you feels underestimated from his/her other half.  While dating , the female will highly appreciate her boyfriend, but after getting married, they let  her husband’s important role  be neglected

Why could  you often forget to give your partner compliments which are an efficient way to show how important they are in your life.

Obviously, people would love to hear compliments more often. The more highly appreciated they are, the more they sacrifice and devote.

8. Talk too much about  “divorce”
Divorce is a word you should never say , only when you can not suffer from this relationship  anymore. However, some couples usually say it without thinking to get out of an argument.

If this word is used often,  you will make your partner unsatisfied. He will suppose that the marriage is nothing to you.


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:52:35.

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