Avocado gives wonderful effects to skin and hair.

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Avocado is pretty familiar to many families. For many people who want to keep bright and glossy skin, avocado oil is usually used for massaging because its anti-oxidant properties can slow down the natural aging progress of skin.

According to Claudine Reinhard: “The Aztecs used the avocado’s flesh to apply to the wound and protect skin from dry wind”

Avocado gives wonderful effects to skin and hair

Avocado oil is a perfect choice for people who have dried skin because it can soften your skin and also improve the skin elasticity. In addition, avocado can affect positively the aged skin by its anti-aging quality as well as the reconstruction and maintenance of moisture of the skin. Its oil is rich of tocophérol (vitamin E), phytostérols and caroténoides and by these nutrients, skin can be protected from free radicals, brighten up, improved its cells reconstruction. Beside, Collagen in avocado providing necessary micronutrients to skin, summarizing collagen is a needful factor to make the skin soft and elastic. Many nutrients in avocado oil can develop the producing collagen progress in your body, soften tissues and avoid outside agent. While using this oil, you won’t feel greasy like using other fats and you can rub it around your eyes.

Avocado oil also take an important role in caring hair because it is rich of nutrients such as: acid folic, acid amin, vitamin A, D, E and B6,…

 What’s make avocado oil is the main ingredient in caring hair and skin cosmetics? Experts have proved that oil from avocado can get into your skin deeper than any other oils. As a result, this oil is a miracle choice in natural cosmetics ingredients.


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