Wonderful green tea’s uses

1. Preventing the aging process
Green tea is very good for health and also can intercept the risk of cancer or heart attack. Experts have shown that green tea is rich in nutrients which can support your body in the process of providing good cholesterol and eliminating the bad cholesterol.
2. The risk of cancer reduction
In Japan, where almost residents choose green tea as their daily drink, the rate of people suffered from cancer is very low and this rate was summarized by the healthy care center in Maryland University, one of the most popular universities in Japan. This drink is also very rich of ayurvedic antioxidants such as: EGCG, EGC, ECG and EC and these nutrients are known as the cancer prevention factors. These nutrients protect cells from the attack of DNA errors, which is the first step of the cancer creation and development. Moreover, the tea leaves have many substances that may protect your skin from ultraviolet rays and the skin cancer.

3. Heart attack interception
  The compound in green tea can increase the elasticity of cardiac muscle, decrease the fat and cholesterol in blood; the vitamin C and P also affect the cholesterol secretion. Caffeine, theophyline and pentoxifyline in tea can directly stimulate the heart, widen the veins so that blood can easily flow into heart.

4. Keeping your weight at reasonable level
  According to the result distributed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition news, one of the green tea uses is reducing the fat in your body. Another positive effect of green tea is decreasing the obesity risk and other diseases irrelevant to obesity like heart attack.


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:51:52.

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