4 secrets that every man desires from his lover

by duyhungb5

1. Be honest with him.
Honesty is the base of all relationships. You try to lie to him/her, but one day the truth will come to light and it will only brings disappointment. Thus, if you are not happy with what he did, tell him. Do not drive the male crazy with the doubt and lies. If you are not happy with him, you should probably find a new one instead of lying to him.

4 secrets that every man desires from his lover

2. Be truthful to yourself.
If you try to pretend to be someone you are not, you might impress him at first but…. you are not an actress. You can not act your whole life to become the person  he wants. Therefore, just be yourself.
Like women, men also have many drawbacks, however, …to be happy is that both of you should accept each other and live true to who you are. If there is something about him that you’re not content with, you should tell him directly. Do not be afraid because no one is perfect.

3 Let him be himself.
He is complex, stubborn and conservative. Occasionally, he makes you discontent , however, when  he is himself, he will feel more comfortable beside you. If he continues to be a person you want, one day he will go crazy. Your relationship needs balance and harmony. Thus, you should learn how to listen to him.
You also should not be affected by the fear of failure, then advise him to give up his dream or to change his lifestyle. Actually, you should become his guide, who help him realize his dream and be himself.

4 secrets that every man desires from his lover

4 Do not hesitate to give frank judgment.
Tell him what he should do. He would like to be himself but it does not mean he is afraid of changes. You are the one who is close to him  most, so you should be the first person who tells  him about the new experience and  adventures to discover and improve himself.
Help  him achieve his dreams. When he goes wrong, let him know about it. Always be his mental support.


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