7 “harmless” things that could lead to cheating

by duyhungb5

You suppose that you are loyal to your husband, but sometimes little things you do could affect your marriage and lead to love affair.

1. Having lunch with a opposite sex colleague:
It is more toxic than expected. This action seems to be harmless but if it occurs from time to time, it may start a love affair.
Love at working place is popular.  You spend 8 hours a day at work , then go out for lunch  with this coworker, you could soon fall in love with him or her. You should save yourself from unexpected feelings.

2. Not wanting  to share their secrets with you anymore
The wife often tells her husband about her joy or sadness. One day, suddenly she stops doing it, maybe she has shared this with another man.
There are no more talks between you, then your love fade with time. The husband could believe that his wife does not love him anymore.

3. Having contact with her ex on social media.
Facebook, social media is human being’s big leap, which allows us to contact with a lot of people, including your ex. However, this may do harm to your marriage.
Actually, you do not need to put an end to your ex. Keeping contact with your ex is nothing terrible as long as your heart is loyal to your family. Both of you could share your happy family’s moments with each other, then talk about it. It may let you know more about the situation of each other, but it does not ruin your marriage.
It will go wrong if you tend to recall your memories with your ex. You will think of your former relationship with him. Moreover, it makes you compare your ex with your present husband.

7 “harmless” things that could lead to cheating

4. Surprisingly she is concerned about your timetable:
A woman who has a love affair  always tries to hide the truth. Suddenly she would like to know more about your schedule, especially she pretends to be busy, maybe she prepares her own plan without you. “My husband is an electricity mechanic, his working schedule is flexible, so to make sure that he cannot catch my boyfriend and me going out, I try to contact him to know precisely his timetable” – a wife said.

5. Defaming her husband.
You ask your friend out then start continuously backbiting your husband. It seems that you try to find out who  the worst husband is.
It appears to be a normal thing, you just have a safe place to stress up. However, if your husband hears that by accident, how would  he feel?
Chatting with a best friend makes you not pay attention to your words and intonation. If your husband hears that, he will feel like being insulted and ashamed. He may not trust you as he used to be.
Actually that you defame your husband which is accompanied with your friend’s agreement makes you feel fed up with the husband. One day it will lead you to a love affair.

6. Dreaming of an ideal guy, not your husband.
People always hope for better things for their life. However, once  you set an ideal man for yourself or run into your ideal man, you  accidentally let your relationship be in trouble.
When your husband is not the same as your ideal type, you get unsatisfied with him. If it occurs more often, you will not be interested in your husband, then fall in love with a guy who lived up to your expectation.

7. She has just got a new girlfriend who you have never heard about:
This new friend may be a female! She spends time going shopping, going to bar with her instead of  sharing her time with you. It does not mean she has a love affair. However she is ready to return to the “Single ladies club” and expects a new relationship.


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