An impressive revenge of a 130-kilo- lady

There was a time when Christine Carter ( 28 years old, from Dallas, Texas, US) weighed 126 kilograms. She was embarrassed and self-conscious about her body but  her manipulative and jealous ex-boyfriend did not let her lose some weight. He supposed that if she has become  more skinny, she will have got more and more beautiful then left him.

He controlled her: what she could eat or wear. He wanted her to be overweight so that she could never leave him. Christine was so scared of his jealousy that she was determined to say goodbye to him.

After ending the relationship with him, she had started to follow a strict and balanced diet, she hired a trainer and tried hard to lose weight every single day. 1 year later, she has  got 68 kilos ; following the success, she has got only 57 kilos with a dream body of many young girls.

Her unimaginable change has attracted to a lot of people, her Instagram has nearly 80000 followers.

Weight loss makes change to her life:

Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:53:00.

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