Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

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Being the king of a polygamous country, Bhutan’s King still keeps his heart for the only one, Queen Jetsun Pema.

Bhutan is known as the happiest country in the world, which is dominated by the talented and warm-hearted kings. One of those is Jigme Khesar, who is called as the Prince Charming of Himalaya and beloved by more than 700000 inhabitants.

Besides, King Jigme Khesar is considered  one of the most impressive leaders of the modern world. After inheriting the throne, he decided to transform Bhutan into a country of constitutional monarchy and being one of the merriest and safest kingdoms.

Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

“Throughout my reign, I will never rule you as a King. I will protect you as a parent, care for you as a brother and serve you as a son.”
Jigme Khesar looks very attractive with a square face, a warm smile and charming eyes. Traditionally, the King can get married to a lot of women, but Jigme Khesar would only like to share his whole life with only one woman, Jetsun Pema, whom he fell in love with since childhood.

Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

Love at first sight.
Regarding the royal love stories,  in Europe, there is Williams and Kate while in Asia, we have Jigme Khesar and Jetsu Pema.

Their romance has started since they went for a  picnic in 1997. At that time, our Queen was a 7-year-old girl of a Royal Air Force pilot. After a short time, the 17-year-old prince soon fell in love with that tiny girl.

Despite her age, she is good at basketball. At the picnic, the two  had a good time playing basketball and drawing.
Being so impressed by the little girl, just after couple of hours, Jigme Khesar got on his knee and said: “When you grow up, if I am single and not married and if you are single and not married, I would like you to be my wife, provided we still feel the same.”. At that age, it’s hard to know exactly what is love, but it’s still a proposal from the young prince.

Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

Distance can’t stop love

At the age of 17, Jigme Khesar left Bhutan to study abroad at The University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom . For almost 7 years of study, he has not forgotten the proposal with Jetsu Pema, so he has tried to keep contact with her family.

When Jetsu Pema was 15 years old, her parents sent her to a well-known high school in London. During the hard time of the first days, she has got support from the prince. From that moment, the two people have created one of the best love stories in the world.

Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

Happy ending

After graduating from Oxford and finishing the Master’s degree in Political Science in 2007, Jigme Khesar returned to his home country and accede to the throne. Despite his age, he is still a king admired by the people.

In the beginning of  2011, Jigme Khesar officially proposed  to Jetsu Pema as he was 31 and she was 21. The beautiful 14-year-love story had a happy ending with a royal wedding. This made the people satisfied and happy because  the king had seemed to be nonchalant about marriage after five years on the throne. Later, Pema was enthroned as the queen by King Khesar.

Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

After four years of marriage, on the 5th of February  2016, Bhutan is glad to welcome a little prince. “Our happiness knows no bounds, as we announce the Royal Birth of His Royal Highness The Gyalsey on 5th February 2016” –  Queen Pema fanpage shared on Facebook.

Love story of the king of the happiest kingdom

One month later, the happiest kingdom greeted the birth of the little prince by planting 108 trees. Each tree is considered a wish for the new-born baby.

The love story of Jigme Khesar and Jetsu Pema seems to be a fairy tale, in which the main characters live happily ever after.

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