Odd dying wish of a wife for her husband to re-married

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There is rarely a wife who lets her husband find a new love especially when she only had few month to live.

Being the mother of two  children, the wife mentioned above is Clara Mauremootoo who was diagnosed with an incurable disease – motor neuron disease ( a progressive condition that attacks the nerves in the brain and spinal cord. Which makes the muscle weak at the age of 39. Due to the fact that her relative had died of this disease, she learned  that she could get it too, one day she was not gradually able to walk, speak, swallow and breath as usual. Having realized that she had little time , that her children of  7 and 10 years old are too small to look after themselves and they still need mother love and care and that her husband would find it hard to handle everything without her, Clare arranged for her husband to date with someone else who would love and help him take care of the children after she has passed away.

Odd dying wish of a wife for her husband to re-married

Clare carried out her plan immediately by introducing her husband to the staff at the Weston Hospice hospital, where she spent the last two months of life. While John expected her to recover soon , Clare was so determined to persuade her husband to meet someone else and to be ready to move on without her. In fact,  in some cases, the patient was able to suffer from this disease for some years, however, just after five months after being informed about this disease, Clare’s condition  had got worse. She struggled to move and became more and more devastated.

John said to “The Mirror” : “‘I wasn’t ready to meet someone else but it’s what Clare wanted and she even spoke to hospice staff to line up dates for me”.

John first met Clare in 1993 and got married two years later. He had never thought about a future with anyone else except for her so that her wish made him shocked. John said: ‘She would say, “I don’t mind how you meet someone”. “She even suggested our friends. I felt like it was all happening too quickly though.”

Odd dying wish of a wife for her husband to re-married

Clare had gone four days after Valentine’s Day  in her husband’s arms. John still could not realize her wish. “I never forgot her wish for me to meet someone else, but I didn’t want the boys feeling like I was replacing their mum”

John said: ‘Back home I tried to carry on as normal by getting the boys ready for school and making them dinner, all the while feeling like Clare was watching over us.

‘However, at night, after the boys were into bed, I felt lonely. I missed Clare and wanted companionship. So that May, I signed up to a dating website”

Odd dying wish of a wife for her husband to re-married

Finally, a few months later, John could keep his promise to her and found love one more time with Julie Mac Falene, who broke up with her husband and have two sons. Later, John and Julie decided to spend their lives together, John is now happily

Maybe when making this decision, Clare was very heartbroken herself , but that she wanted her family to be happy after she had died, made her stronger . Her act may be selfish  but she is really a great mother.


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