Tips to become a good wife

by duyhungb5

A wife would love her husband when he’s good to her, but a good wife would love her husband even for his flaws.

Being a wonderful wife or a bad wife depends on a number of your behavior and attitude. These suggestions as follows point out  a great wives’ actions to get her husband’s love and respect.

Sometimes, men could be like children, they could change positively so what a wife should do is to keep calm and be patient. He needs time to modify himself and a gentle wife, not an impatient one. A hot-tempered wife could ruin  the relationship,  gradually the arguments between them become more and more usual.

Great love
A normal wife loves her husband when he treats her well, gives her flowers and presents, has a fashionable style, arrives on time ,…  In general, those women love their husband owing to his behavior or action.
In contrast, a wonderful wife  could be by her husband’s side when he faces his failure or could forgive him when he makes mistakes She should accept him for who he is, for both his strength and his weakness. She encourages him  to be better. Their love is a motivation for him to change.

Tips to become a good wife

A good wife never cheats. Those women are loyal to their husband. They try hard to strengthen their love and to avoid the  things which could ruin their relationship. The husband is always on their mind.

Obviously, many husbands could be careless, lazy, messy, indifferent to their wives. However, a great wife is tolerant of his mistakes. She will be a guide for him to overcome his drawbacks. She is going to judge her husband by all aspects, instead of  pointing out his wrongness and criticizing him all the time. A wonderful wife makes her husband better and more loyal  to her. Being tolerant is very important to maintain a good relationship.

Devoted to her family 
Man builds house and woman makes it home. That is why their effort makes them a good wife. Those women will take care of children and  her family thoughtfully. They create a loving home where every member of the family feels loved and protected, where they all love each others.

Women, in particular, the wives, could be more wonderful if they are independent The majority of good wives are independent of finance. They do not depend on the husband. Without him or his budget, they still make money and pay for her life. Those women are more appreciated.

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