Wife’s actions that annoy husband

by duyhungb5

Tears do not solve problems. Never cry to make your husband  stressed unless you want that one day, he will get indifferent to your feelings.


It is a physical instinctive reflex when people have to face something not as expected. Moreover, it helps to run out of stress and pressure. However, men find tears really terrible, especially some women use tears as a manipulating tool.   

Some wives believe that tears could make the husband obey her. It may be true, but if you keep repeat it again and again, it will make your husband annoyed.  Do not cry too much, do not use tears as a tool to manipulate someone. One day they will be indifferent to your emotions.


Like tearing up, it is also an instinctive reflex.  They fetch a sigh when being tired.  It  does not matter  if some women sigh to express her dissatisfaction. They keep sighing until he asks her “ What happened with you?”

Remember, once you need to say something to him, do not hesitate to tell him “I need to talk to you about this.” . Your husband will pay attention to what you are going to say and hear it carefully. In contrast, if you keep silent and sighing continuously, just make the atmosphere uncomfortable. He gets angry with you, then, when you want to share  it with him, he will not be patient enough to hear.


Silence and discomfort

You would love to have your own space. However, sometimes silence is gold, sometimes it could ruin a relationship.

An appropriate time to keep silent is after an argument between your husband and you, you say to him “I need time to figure out” then you move into another room.

However, silence may do harm when you are not content with him and you do not express it to him. Your attitude does not solve the problem, but also makes it much more serious.

Breaking  things  during argument:

It is not the common mistake women often commit, but it still happens. The female gets stressed much more after getting married: children, job, husband, …

It does not mean you are capable of throwing things when getting angry.  A woman who smashes things up in anger is not a welcomed action in husband’s eyes. Control your feelings and emotions. If you cannot help it anymore, stop talking to him and stay alone. Breaking objects also waste money.



You find it hard to say “Sorry, I was wrong” to him , you should keep silent as an apology. You should not try to blame it on him. It is really an unacceptable attitude. When he attempts to analyze the problem and point out  your wrong thing, he does not intend to accuse you or defame  you. His aim is to let you know your fault and learn a lesson. You should learn how to admit your mistakes, not just get furious easily.

Cackling one thing:

It is one of the women’s big problems. He made a mistake, you criticized him enough, so it was over. You should not mention it anymore. Many wives have a bad habit:  talk about her husband’s faults which may happen a long time ago. This just makes your husband more bored.

Questioning him

Lack of trust does harm to your relationship which may kill your marriage. Many wives are suspicious of their husband: “Where did you go? What did you do? When did you come home? …” That they investigated her husband is absolutely wrong.  Just ask him about the essential things with a gentle intonation. If you feel something fishy, you should seek  evidence. Do not interrogate him because it makes your relationship full of tension.

Looking down on her husband.

It is hard for your husband to face  it. A woman who is doubtful about her husband’s talent, thought, and ability makes him bored. The wife’s disrespect could hurt her husband’s feelings.


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