Don’t throw those plastic bottles away, it can be a cute plant pot

Just some simple steps, a plastic bottle seemingly “useless” can be a lovely cat shaped plant pot
To make a mini cat shaped planter, all you  need is some simple materials:
–    A plastic bottle
–    Scissors
–    A black marker
–    White spray paint
–    Pink and black paint pens
–    Small stones
–    Soil
–    A mini ornamental plant
1. Draw the cat ears on plastic bottle as follows:

2. Use scissors to cut the cat ear shapes that you have just drawn, so that you can have a planter in cat shape.

3. Spray paint on the entire surface of the mini plant pot and wait until the paint is dry so then you can spray the second time.

4. After the paint has been dry, use the pink paint pen to draw 2 triangle cat ears and a heart shaped nose.

And then use the black paint pen to draw other details, for instance: eyes, cat whiskers and so on

5. Pour about 1/3 the mini pot of small stone

And then fill your pot with soil

6. Finally, place your ornamental tree that you have already prepared in the mini pot

With some absolutely simple steps of drawing, cutting and coloring, you can completely transform a useless plastic bottle into a beautiful and useful mini tree pot. These super lovely mini cat shaped pots can utterly be a simple and meaningful gift  for your friends.

Good luck!!!

Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:54:03.

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