Easy steps to make your own dreamcatcher from beads

Through many generations, dreamcatcher still prevailed among native  American people’s culture as an important part. Tons of native North American people gathered and arranged to create their own dreamcatcher with their highest respect due to the fact that it’s the symbol of strength and solidarity.

Native American people believed that the night atmosphere was full of dreams including all the bad and the good ones and only when hanging your dreamcatcher above or near your bed, it would bring the freedom to the atmosphere and catch all the dream. It’s believed that all the good dreams would know how to get through dreamcatcher by squeezing through the mesh and slightly going down through the soft feathers so that dreamers wouldn’t know that they were having good dreams. Nightmares which didn’t know how to pass through dreamcatcher would  be  stuck to it and be destroyed by the very first sunlight of the new day.

This article will show you how to make your own dreamcatcher from beads and copper wires which are completely different from the traditional one.

Essential materials:
– Beads
– Copper wires
– A metal ring
– Cutting plier

Making steps:


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:54:07.

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