Horrible truth behind husband’s odd habit

I was totally defeated then burst into tears. I had never thought my husband could be like that. My 6-month-marriage turned out to be a pretext for him to shelter his ill hobby.

I  was 31 years old  and had just got married for 6 months. My husband was 2 years older than me, who is a successful surgeon in a big hospital. I don’t feel more inferior than him because I also run a successful company. Career is important to me, so I hadn’t got married until that age. However, I did not regret it, especially when my husband was such an outstanding person.

Although he was fastidious and somehow paternalistic, he knew how to pamper and look after me. My parents –in-law  lived overseas and  relatives lived in the countryside or in the south. That’s why I was not concerned much about the responsibility of a daughter-in-law and had a comfortable life after getting married. All of my friends felt jealous of me: I got married late but still had a happy marriage, while they were married early but suffered from many burden. I felt myself luckier than others. Daily, I only went to work and got a maid do the housework and prepare meals or sometimes we went  out for dinner. Different from another new wife, since I got married, I seemed to look younger as I did not have to worry about anything.

My husband is a surgeon but he rarely had to have a night duty, normally he got home at 10pm . We watched TV then went sleeping. The only thing was that though he is a doctor, his living habits was unreasonable: take a shower after 24h. Many times I advised him not to do that . However, he just smiled lightly and explained to me that our bathroom is air-tight so he would not catch  a cold. From time to time, I did not mention it anymore. Moreover, at that time, I felt asleep after a long working day. As a result, at 24 o’ clock, he took a shower while I had slept already.

One night, I woke up suddenly, found my husband who slept next to me but he was not there. I looked at the watch, which was at 12:30’, I went to the bathroom to urge him to end it quickly.  Standing in front of the door, I heard  husband’s laugh, then sex sound. I pushed the door and cried:

– What’s the hell going on?

He got so startled  that he dropped the cell phone which was showing sex scenes. I had my eyes on it and found down an unacceptable fact: it was not a sex clip on the Internet but it was my husband’s clip with another man. That two guys who engaged in sexual intercourse on the bed made me nauseous. He hurriedly put on clothes and tried to explain :

– Let me explain … I was just …

– Shut up! How long have you been cheating on me? It turns out that this is the reason why you often take a bath late.  I am an idiot when loving a sick man like you for such a long time – I burst into tears.

– Calm down! You don’t need to make a fuss. It’s true that I have cheated on you but I still give you a convenient life and regular sex. It’s another pleasure. I promise not to let anyone know about it.

– What are you talking about? How could you be that shameless? 

– Think about it carefully, if you make a mess, no one would be happy. Both you and I get ashamed. You had better let it go, and we would still continue a happy relationship. I never let you lack anything, spiritually and materially. He also has a wife, and we try to keep it secret. His wife knew it and she decided to keep silent. Thus, you should, too.

– Get out! I don’t want to see your face anymore.

– Alright, I will sleep in the living room tonight. You think about it. Actually, you keep it silent, you lose nothing.

His perfect image collapses, I just want to go out of here now. However … I thought about my home pregnancy test kit with two lines I have done in the morning. I initially intended to go to the hospital then told him later, but now how disastrous it is.

The next day, I had a day off from work to go to the hospital. The doctor’s smile let me know that I got pregnant. I told  him to come home immediately, then told him about my pregnancy and asked him to stop meeting that guy during  my pregnancy. He agreed happily because I accepted to keep it secret.

Now I got 4-month-pregnancy, my baby is my encouragement, my motivation. However, I am still worried about the future. Although he promised not to meet that man, I felt like they kept meeting each other behind my back. I feel depressed but I cannot end this marriage. 


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:55:06.

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