Making a cheating husband come back with a few words.

by duyhungb5

Living together for nearly ten years and having two lovely children, she felt content with her present life: the children are obedient and well-studying, her husband loves her. A happy family makes her more and more gorgeous.

One day, she got worried because some of her friends hinted at her husband’s behavior. Maybe someone saw him with another girl. They did not dare to talk  about it directly to her because they did not want her to get hurt. Since then, she noticed something odd about him. Recently, he changed his clothes style, sometimes he even wore her perfume. She asked herself what happened to him.

I make a cheating husband come back to his wife only with a few words

After just a few days, she looked washed out. She still could not collect any evidence, she decided to hire a private detective. One week later, it turned out that her husband had a love affair with a student who is even younger than her sister. She got petrified, then could not stop herself from crying. She felt like she had lost everything. She asked herself  if there was anything real or it was all lies. She could not believe the fact that he had cheated on her.

A few days later, she made a decision. When he went to work, she moved into a new rented house with her children. On her Facebook, she changed her relationship status to “divorced”. This obviously shocked many friends. Some of them felt bad for her. However, she knew for sure that some people would laugh at her because she always cheered for him and had never complaint about her husband before.

Having seen it on Facebook, he got shocked then called her but it was useless. That made him terrified.  After his parents in law had heard about it, they nagged him continuously. His father also wanted to abandon him.

I make a cheating husband come back to his wife only with a few words

After a 4-day-trip, she felt better. Coming back home, she prepared a delicious meal for her children. On that night, he finally found out her place, he knelt, cried and begged for her forgiveness. He looked 10 years older , more skinny with a bushy beard.

He said to her that he would never do that again. She let him sign an accord: if he cheats on her again, all his property will belong to her and he can never meet the children. He agreed, she left the new house then came back home with  the children. Since then, she never mentions it. He informs her about his schedule more usual and also spends  more time going out with family. He is more scared that she leaves him because she gets more and more confident . Monthly she buys herself some new items. She becomes an independent woman now. 

Though she still felt heartbroken, she promised to give him another chance. Occasionally, he told that her way which did not need to make a fuss could make him frightened. She replied that a knowledgeable person will talk less, actually at that time  she really wanted to end  with him, it was not just to threaten him. He said he would never cheat on her again. He apologized for hurting her. In every marriage, couples have to face a tough time, however the most important thing is that the person  who made mistakes can admit and fix it. The other one should be sympathetic and keep calm to solve the problem.

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