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Pho is Vietnam’s traditional food. Besides, it is considered one of Vietnam gastronomy’s the most typical food. Its main ingredients are rice noodles and broth with sliced beef or chicken. Moreover, it is also accompanied by spices such as soy sauce, fish sauce, pepper, lime, chilly,… Adding each of these spices to Pho depends on eater’s taste. People often have Pho for breakfast or dinner. In the South of Vietnam, Pho is decorated with herbs such as onion, beansprout and corianders such as coriander, basil,… Many know about Pho with beef, but there are also other kinds, for example: Pho with chicken, Pho with pork, Pho with shrimp,…


– Pork or Beef shank bone ( or oxtail bone)
– 1 block of beef round as well-cooked meat
– 200 gr filet as rare  meat.
– Cinnamon, cardamom, anise.
– Onion,  basil mint, lime, chilly

Step 1: Cook the broth
Broth includes: boiled shank bone washed carefully before; grilled a little bit of crushed ginger and shallot; add some slices of pineapple (to make it tastier); season it. Add the beef round afterward. Cook it in 15’ with a pressure cooker.
Sirloin is cut into slices,  which should be crushed to be tender. Season it with spices, then put into the fridge.
Clean herbs and onions then put it into a fridge. so they’re ready to be chopped the next day.
When a beef round is well-done, take it out.

Step 2: parboil noodles then put it into a bowl. Put the beef round on it.
Boil broth, soak the beef in it then put it into a bowl. Add herbs, broth to it and enjoy it!
Broth may be tastier with oxtail.

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