Roasted duck soup

Roasted duck soup is tasty, cooked easily, time-saving and rich in calories.

– 300gr  roasted duck breast
– 50gr boiled bamboo sprouts
– 1/3 of a tofu block
– 3m diluted flour
– 1L broth
– Coriander
– Sugar, pepper, sesame oil
– Seasoning powder
– Soy sauce
– Rice vinegar

– Remove bone from duck, then shred and cut into 5cm pieces
– Pass tofu through hot water.
– Cut bamboo sprouts, carrot, tofu into 5-cm-slice
– Put bamboo sprouts, carrots, duck meat into boiled broth (5’); add  1 spoon seasoning powder, ½  spoon sugar, and ½ spoon rice vinegar. – – Put tofu into, then cook with a small fire, pour flour water slowly until it starts getting thick, turn off the stove.
– Spoon it into a bowl, scatter the coriander, add sesame oil and pepper to it. Taste it at once.

– Using duck breast to make it easy to cut into slices.
– Pass tofu through hot water to make it tougher. Avoid being crushed.

Stewed chicken with almonds.
It is delicious as well as nutritious. To enrich your daily food, would like to teach you how to make stewed chicken with lotus seeds.

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