6 serious mistakes that many couples often make

by duyhungb5

These are 6 grave mistakes that a lot of couples make:

1. Making a plan on your own without asking the other’s opinion.
Each of you has your own work and schedule, however, after getting married, you  should pay attention to your partner’s timetable. To make sure that there is no coincidence between your working schedule and your trip, you should discuss it with each other.

One of the  basic mistakes that many couples make is making a plan that only fits your schedule, but not  your partner’s. When you announce it, your partner cannot arrange his/her schedule. In the end, your plan has to be canceled. The person who makes the plan gets mad because the plan is abandoned, while the one, who is not unveiled about it, feels underestimated. Your marriage will fall apart, then ends in divorce.

Couples should often have a small talk, discuss your upcoming plans with each other. This reduces the coincidence between your busy schedules and gets rid of the unexpected unsatisfaction.

2. Dividing too clearly your responsibility from the others’.
It seems to be a good thing, however, living together but distinguishing too sharply between the responsibilities can do harm to your relationship. Sooner or  later the couple gets in a trouble “This is your work, not mine” .

Couples could divide family tasks:  she cooks – he washes the dishes, she does the laundry – he looks after baby…  however, it does not need to be fixed.  When one of you is too busy for work or get sick, the other can completely help with this.

Sharing tasks are aimed at supporting each other, it does not mean you can slack off from work or be jealous.

6 serious mistakes that many couples often make

3. Trying to end a fight before going to bed
Most of the couples suppose that they need to end totally their discussion before go sleeping. Actually, it is not an effective way. “Never go to bed angry”  may not be true. 

In fact, we have your own circadian rhythm, by night, it is time for us to rest. If you keep aware to argue, this will make you exhausted, then madder and madder, you will find it hard to control your anger. This will lead to a more serious fight and brings you regret.

Instead, no matter how angry both of you are, go sleeping if it gets late. It’s a way for you to keep calm, to have a rest.  Later, you will be clearheaded to deal with every problem.

4. “Because it is a simple thing, I do not need to tell you, you should know on your own”
It is absolutely wrong. You get married to a person, who is not a psychic.  An  appropriate and effective way is telling him/her your intention or wish, instead of letting your partner figure out on her/his own. , If you keep thinking like that, you will get angry and just make your partner have trouble finding out the answer.

When you are busy with cooking, you want your husband to take out the waste. Instead of expressing your unsatisfaction on your face, you should tell him “Honey, please take out the garbage for me”.  Thus, everything will be more easy and efficient.

5. Forgetting about your partner’s feelings and emotions:
To maintain a relationship, many people try to hide their emotion from their partner. However they put their unsatisfactory feelings on their family. People often laugh at others’ mistakes but keep talking about the partner’s .

In a marriage, it is hard to avoid some unpleasant moments. However, in that case, always keep in mind that your husband/wife also has his/her own feelings. You can skip others’ faults, thus you also should  learn how to  sympathize with your partner’s  to continue your relationship. 


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