Funny way of a lovely wife to maintain relationship

by duyhungb5

Every time I think of my wife, I also burst into laughs. The first time when I met her was an autumn day. When I went jogging in the afternoon,  I accidentally saw a girl falling into the lake. I jumped quickly into it to save her.

That’s why we both got wet. When we both could calm down, I asked her why she had fallen into the water. She said to me “I tried to pick some mangoes, but  I cannot keep balanced, …”. I burst into laughs while she looked at me angrily. Fortunately, there was no one there , so we were not embarrassed.

Funny way of a lovely wife to maintain relationship

I took her home, however, I got sick later. She felt culpable then decided to look after me. Since then, we got to know each other,  became close then started dating. Two years later, we got married. We built a happy relationship. Sometimes I told our children about that unforgettable memory (and then my wife gave me a lesson).

My wife is pretty childlike, funny but very lovely. Recently, my wife has acted very strangely. One day, in the morning, I saw her sitting at the end of the bed. I asked her:

–    Oh my God! What are you doing?
–    What do you think about my makeup?  – she blinked her eyes.
–    What’s wrong with you?  –  I totally got overwhelmed.
–    Why could you say to me like that? – She looked serious.
–    So, why do you wake up so early and put on makeup?
–    You mean  I look ugly, right?
–    No, it is not my …

My wife burst into tears, then I had to appease her until she stopped crying. It turned out that she learned Korean makeup from some friends. My wife looks more beautiful without makeup. However, if  I complained about it, she would cry. Thus I had to give her a few compliments.
One day, she wore a sexy dress. I felt something weird “What’s wrong with her?”.  After dinner, she kept blinking at me. I did not understand. Later, she yelled at me “ I told you to go to bed, why do you keep sitting there?”

Funny way of a lovely wife to maintain relationship

Why didn’t she just tell me so?  Since then, every time I caught her blinking eyes, I was excited then went to the bedroom. Recently, my wife had actively brought our relationship on fire. That she looked sexier like that made me feel happy. 
Another day, she spread many rose petals upon the bed, lighted candle. I tried to find out what occasion is today? When I kept thinking, she asked:

–    Don’t you think it’s romantic?
–    What occasion is today?
–    Not any day special

I did not know what to say without smiling. On that day, both of us were so excited that we let the fire spread out then have to buy a new dressing table.  My wife felt frightened while I burst into laughs. Fortunately, there was no fire.
Actually, I was shocked by my wife’s change. I tried to find out if my wife got sick or not. However, I got my answer after overhearing by accident her conversation with a friend. She told:

–    You should learn how to attract your husband, these days men easily have love affair…
I did not know how to do right now. My wife applied some tips proposed on the Internet on me. I felt happy and realized how lovely my wife was. I ran into her room then hugged her :
–    Honey, if you do not do those things  for me, I still love you. However, actually, it really brings me a good time.
–    You liked it? – she smiled.
–    Of course, however…
–    So what?
–    Tonight, give me a break or I will get exhausted.

My wife looked angrily at me then gave me some punches. However, we both burst into laughs later. My wife is so lovely that I never can cheat on her.
Anyway, my family is the most important thing to me. I hope each of us can find out a way to maintain your relationship. Moreover, always keep your eyes on your partner because she is a great person. She devotes a lot to the family.

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