My husband texting the next-door lady

by duyhungb5

My pregnancy goes to the full term. I have not overjoyed to be a mother yet, I have to suffer from this hurt.

We had married for 2 years. My pregnancy is at full term. My husband has worked for a private enterprise with an intermediate income. Our relationship is good. I have just got maternity leave from work.

We live in an apartment next door to a couple who is a bit older than us. We are so  close  that we can share everything with each other. On weekend nights, we often spend time preparing, having dinner, chatting together. While our husbands play chess or watch football on TV, we play with our children and she tells me some tips of raising a child.

I consider them relatives. If we make something good, we will share it with them. I have never been doubtful of our neighborhood.

One day, I found out an unbelievable truth.

Ugly truth revealed by messages between husband and next-door lady

That day, my husband had a day off. After preparing the meal, I  took a rest in my bedroom when he played computer games upstairs. Playing games with my husband’s telephone, I suddenly caught  a new message from the next-door lady.  I was curious about what they were talking, so I decided to read it.

Alas, every single word in the message box made me shocked. They called each other more intimately, they sent each other many dirty words. Even my husband liked it.

I felt  giddy with the  fact that they had cheated on me, on their own family.

My husband went into the bedroom immediately afterward. When he saw me holding his phone, he seemed to guess what was going on. 

I asked him with  great difficulty “ Since  when?”  My husband went pale, could not say a word, then I could not help it anymore, I burst into tears. I cried and cried  like never before. He tried to hug me but I did not want it. I detested him.

After a while, I could calm down then interrogated him. He confessed to me that they had cheated on me for 5 months. I got petrified, why they could act as nothing in front of me, then cheated on me behind my back. 

He begged me to forgive him. 

I felt heartbroken. I did not know how this could happen with me right before I was about to give birth only a few days earlier. What should I do now? I want to break up with him, but I am afraid that it might affect my family and my unborn child. Why was I put in this situation?

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