4 recycling methods that easily make cans into helpful things

Method 1
–    Cans (milk cans, food cans…)
–    Stick (ice pop stick), which is longer a little bit than the height of cans
–    Ribbon, lace, artificial flowers.
–    Tools: scissors, glue gun
1.    Glue the sticks vertically around the can, let it close.
2.    Insert lace into ribbon 
3.    Stick two strips of lace which is 2 cm far away from the rim.
4.    Apply two tiny flowers to it.

You do this with other cans. After 4 easy steps, the useless cans become a nice thing, which can work as pens holder, vase,…

Method 2

–    Cans
–    Marline
–    Pom-pom cord
–    Tools: scissors, glue gun
Fix marline from the rim of the can’s bottom with glue, wrap it around the can tightly. Cut pom-pom cord into two to decorate the outside.

Very easy and simply, you can make a cute pen box from a can. Instead of marline, you can use colorful paper or yarn. It will look good!

Method 3:
–    Cans
–    Heart shape paper punch
–    Washi tape
–    Molded sponge (yellow, blue, pink)
–    Scissors, needle, thread
1.    Make heart shaped pieces from molded foam
2.    Thread heart pieces together
3.    Stick washi tape around the position by the rim of the cans 
4.    Wrap heart strip around it.

You can replace sponge with color paper.

Method 4:
–    Cans
–    Skein (Thread)
–    Tape
–    Scissors, glue
1.    Stick 5 tops of thread (green, blue, yellow, red, white) to a position at the bottom of the can.
2.    Use blue thread to wrap around the can, keep the other threads inside
3.    Apply white one to the can
4.    Continue to do this until the can is covered with glued  threads.

With this simple method, you can freely combine a range of colors to create planting colorful vase. The width of wrap can be various.

Good luck for you


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:57:07.

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