A divorced man had his jaw dropped because of his ex-wife

by duyhungb5

I was completely dazed by my wife’s new look on  a TV show. I asked myself if she was my wife and how she could become gorgeous like that.

Since I took on a new position in my company, I had changed my look while my wife still put on old clothes her mother bought her. Actually, I felt fed up with her fashion style.

A husband had his jaw dropped when seeing  his ex-wife on TV

Before getting married, I love her simple style. However, after having a first child, she became blowzy. After giving birth, my friend’s wife looked more beautiful while my wife got more freckles, and belly fat. 

I told her to buy some new clothes for herself but she just smiled and told me: “After having a baby, women’s appearance is not important anymore. I just want to spend it buying milk and diaper for our child. I still have many clothes.  We do not need to spend money on it”.

I expected that when our child grew up, her appearance would be improved. However, she even became less beautiful while I got more manly. Since I got promoted,  I had more chance to meet and attract other  women. One day, I evaded my responsibility for my family and had a love affair. My new girlfriend looked really seductive, brought me new feelings, and made me happy. 

Initially, I sneaked out to meet her, then I made it public. My wife tried hard to hold me but it was in vain. After we got divorced, my wife took care of our  kid. When I missed him, I would have my sister bring him to me. I had never met my ex-wife since the divorce. 

However, from time to time, I realize my new girlfriend turned out to be a gold-digger . No longer later, we broke up but I did not regret divorcing because we , my ex-wife and me, were so different.

One day when watching TV, I got stunned by my wife coming out on a TV show. I  could not even believe what I saw. Was she my ex-wife? How could she become attractive like that? When she introduced herself, it was really her.

A husband had his jaw dropped when seeing  his ex-wife on TV

Since when did she start wearing tight,fitting clothes? She even selected a charming color – red. She seemed to be more confident and happy. My sister sometimes said to me before: “ Anne – my wife, looks more beautiful now”. I replied : “No matter how much makeup she put on, she never becomes pretty” but now I feel regret for my words.

Thanks to some friend’s Facebook, I found out about her. On her fanpage, she shared a lot of cooking tips, thought more positively, and even hinted at her new boyfriend. 

I got totally paralyzed. Maybe she had sacrificed so much for our family that she rarely cared about her look. Moreover, I did not take good care of her. I really repent of my haste. I realize the reason why most of the wives become more beautiful after divorce, just because they have more time for themselves, do whatever they want  and they are even loved again . Her change made me realize how bad I was as a husband.


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