The doctor who carried out my girlfriend’s delivery was … my wife

by duyhungb5

I have a happy family with my wife and two children who were secondary- school pupils. My wife worked for a big hospital in the city while I worked for a building company. Due to our job, we did not have much time being together. Fortunately, we had my parents look after our kids.    

Despite having a happy family, I still cheated on my wife for three years. My girlfriend’s name is Nana. I first met her when I went on business in a remote area. Nana is 8 years younger than me. She had got married but hadn’t had a baby. Our relationship was public and received her family’s permission. Since then, every time I came there, I always stopped by her place, even stayed there over a week. We had lived as a couple. Honestly, living with her made me feel happy and have many fresh feelings.

My wife was the doctor who carried out my girlfriend's delivery.

After many years, we decided to have a baby. On the day when she announced that it was a baby boy, I felt exhilarate . During her pregnancy, I lied to my family to go there to take care of her.

Her labour day arrived, however, the local medical center advised me to take her to the hospital. On the way, I felt very worried about her.

As soon as we approached the hospital, nurses took her to an operated room. I heard them calling  doctor Tutti ( My wife’s name is Tutti). After that, I felt very nervous but still appeased myself that it was a coincidence because my wife could not be here now.

Through an unclear glass, I saw Nana yelling owing to every pain but I could not do anything for her right now. I realized how terrible labor pain was. I held nurse’s hand tight and begged her to help Nana, then she took my hand off her to let a doctor come into the room. Looking at that doctor, I was stunned and recognized she was exactly my wife. What would she react if she knew that I was the father of the baby she just delivered?

The door closed up but I still could see the way Tutti looked at me strangely.  Maybe she recognized me and noticed my reaction to the pregnant woman inside.  When a nurse came out to bring more tools, I asked her:
–    My wife looked painful, is that doctor good?
–    Don’t worry. She comes from a big hospital. Your wife will be OK.

This meant my wife came to help this hospital, but why in this time? I had a butterfly in my stomach. Maybe owing to hating me, my wife would save Nana and our son’s life? When a woman becomes jealous, she could do the terrible thing. 

After a couple of hours in fear, finally, I could hear the baby’s crying voice from that room. I was as happy as a sand boy, so my wife saved Nana and our kid.

However, I could not smile anymore when my wife walked out with  hate in her eyes. She took off her mask and gloves, came closer to me and told:
–    Come to my office and sign the divorce form.
–    I am sorry. Thank you for saving her life. I know you hate me, but you still save her and our child. You are really a good doctor. I own you one more time.
–    Nonsense. I don’t want to hear anything from you. You want freedom, I won’t hold you but you will never meet my daughters and me anymore.

She left later. Why my childbirth became a black day in my life? Having a son, I lost two daughters. 

Holding son in my arm, I burst into tears. I have never thought about this day. My wife, Tutti is a great woman than I expected. She saves Nana while I cheated on her. I am the worst man. What should I do? Tutti or Nana? Please give me advice!

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