The third person begging me to leave my husband

A young pregnant  woman begs me to walk out on my husband. Getting wrathful due to being cheated, I also felt bad for her.

Actually, I would not regret this cheating man if I did not sacrifice too much for this love. We grew up together, both of our families are very close. We started dating since high school. Our relationship was very good. I have never been doubtful of him so now I feel hurt a lot.

Obviously, what happened, happened. We built a 10-year-relationship and were looking forward to a wedding. The worst thing is that we tried to earn money to buy our own flat throughout many years.  Initially, I did not think much about it because we had a lasting relationship,were ready to get married and received support from our families.

There might be a wedding earlier but I was the one who would like to postpone  it. With my present job, building up a family might be a disadvantage. I wanted to pursue a successful career, which is easy for me to settle down after getting married that I made this decision, which was absolutely a wrong step.

I focused on making a good career and still believed in his love. We continued to have dinners at each other’s house.  One day, I got a message from her which made me totally shocked .

Intuition suggested me that he cheated on me but I still could not believe in what I had seen. That she came in with a bump that made me petrified. She did not tell her age but she looked really young. The way she talked seemed innocent and miserable. Just owing to being attracted to his appearance, she trusted him.

She said to me that he was fed up with me and would like to break up. She soon confided in him. Their relationship was moving too fast. After two months, she got pregnant.

After being informed about the baby, he was so embarrassed  that he did not know how to handle it. As for her, she got into a panic  every time she looked at her bigger and bigger belly while he had not responded  yet. I knew him for a long time, he would never dare to force that girl to have an abortion .

However, he also could not leave me to choose that girl due to our family. Besides, initially,  he did not intend to have a lasting relationship with her. Being aware of it, she tried to have my compassion though she understood it was unreasonable. If I do not break off our relationship first, he will not do this.

I went to my future husband‘s family and told them about the story. He admitted his mistake. That our long lasting relationship made him exhausted and bored and I was too busy with work led him to this wrong thing. He could not believe she got pregnant but he did not want to get married to her. His parents felt very sorry but they could not leave their grandchild . I was sympathetic to it because I knew they were emotional persons, they never let their grandchild suffer from hurt.

Now I am the person who will have to make a decision. If I forgive him, we will get married then care about that girl (providing her with financial support or taking the baby from her, the last one seems to be possible because his parent does not let the child be poor) or If I do not tolerate him, our relationship will break down, he will get married to that girl .

I feel really confused. Though he does not deserve my love, that I regret our  memories and my effort over years makes me find it hard to end this relationship. However, I am afraid that I cannot accept his own child. What should I do?

Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:56:32.

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