Wife suffered from infertility, I felt excited until…

by duyhungb5

Like many men, I thought I could be loyal to my wife to the whole life. However, when troubles came, I started to become fed up with marriage and tried to escape from it.
I married for 5 years. When dating, I found that everything was good, my wife is intelligent, versatile and responsible; my mother likes her after several times. We got married happily with many blessings, but only one year later, we got into a lot of fights and arguments. I started to get tired of her perfectionism and inflexibility. Our love faded with time.
I cheated on her afterward. In the beginning, my new girlfriend and I went for a coffee, went to the cinema as other couples, but then we started meeting each other in the hotel. My wife caught in red our relationship, got shocked then jealously made a mess. After that she felt tired and hopeless, so she let me be .


Getting married for a long time, we did not have a  baby while my parents also urged us. I recommended her to  take a test. I thought the problem was my wife because I was pretty good at sex. After having checked up, she announced that she was diagnosed with infertility. I felt really happy, invited my parents-in-law to my house. They rushed to my house, looked very heartbroken. Hugging my wife, they miserably burst into tears. They asked me that I had thought about adoption. Obviously, I refused, I only wanted to push her away. My wife was aware of her bad condition, she told me to write divorce form. It was my good chance, so I asked her not to take any assets. “It is your fault, you are not allowed to take any properties from this house, ok?”-  I said to her .
Divorce process ended very early. My wife and I had never met each other since then. 
8 months later, I remarried. However, after 1 year, we still did not have the baby. This time, I went to the hospital to have a check. When I received the medical result, I got shocked because I was diagnosed with infertility. My mother cried loudly in the hospital while I did not dare to raise my head. How could a person having experience in sex like me, suffer from this?
On the way coming home, I met my ex-wife. I nearly lost control when seeing her (with a big baby bump) walking on the pavement with another man. My mother also watched it : “ You said to me …  Manthan got infertility!”  I realized that I was cheated by her.  She knew I got infertility but she still said that it was her who suffered from it.  Maybe she found me very bad at that time.
As soon as my new wife heard that I was diagnosed with infertility, she prepared divorce form immediately, then left me one week later. I felt totally depressed and could not find any direction in life. Was it my retribution?


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