2 ways help refresh your vase

In 10 minutes, an old vase can be turned into an attractive and impressive one. 
Method 1:
–    Oval-shaped glass vase
–    Glass paint (colors depend on your choice)
–    Paint brush
–    Washi tape or pattern scrapbook paper

1.    Clean the body of the vase, stick washi tape around the lip and the middle of the body.

2.    Paint these bands, then let it dry.

3.    Remove the tape carefully

It is very easy to make a hand-made vase with intricate and colorful designs. You can fill your new vase with some flowers to refresh your home, 
Method 2:
–    Glass bottle
–    Gold glitter paint

Put paint on intricate floating designs of the vase and wait until it is dry.

Thus you have  a brand-new vase. You do not spend money but still have a new vase thanks to 2 methods above.

Good luck for you.


Originally posted 2023-03-30 05:57:16.

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