6 facts that husbands never tell his wife

Your husband could tell you about his work, his hobbies, his friends or colleagues… however,  he rarely talks to you about his fears.
1. Man does not want to discuss his concern.
A man  knows for sure his responsibility in his family. Being a breadwinner, he does not want to show his insecurity and anxiety which could affect the members of his family.
Many men are afraid to confess that he worries about the finance issues, his position in the company,… They do not share it with their wife and wait for the result. They agree to bear it without saying it to their wife.
All a wife need to do for her husband is creating a comfortable atmosphere for his confessions. You should start your conversation with a question such as “These days you do not look very well, what happened?”. A question like that makes him have confidence in you and he may be ready to open up  his heart. Thus, you and your husband could figure out the right way to overcome the problem.

2. Man is afraid to confess his admiration for another woman.
The majority of husbands think that they are not permitted to look at another woman and give her compliments anymore. However, in fact, it is undeniable that they cannot help themselves from being attracted to a beauty. They know it  but just could not confess it.
They are afraid to confess that his female colleague looks so sexy, his old friend is so sweet,… They worry that this high appreciation is considered  love affairs and their wife will get jealous of it, though, in fact, it may be a simple compliment.
3. “I am scared of the death”
Maybe the death could not influence him much, but he worries about the process of it  which would make his family miserable.  That is why he rarely talks to you about it. Every man would like to be remembered as a wonderful husband of his wife and a great father of his children. Although he has ever dealt with many obstacles in his life, the thing that he finds it hard  to face  is the death.
Being his wife, you should be with him to encouter all barriers and advise him to be always happy and optimistic about the future.
4.Not satisfying  his wife
When the wife is not sastisfied during sex, he would think it’s his fault,  though, in fact, it may be not.
Your husband would rather  hear your compliments on his sexual performance than receive your complaints. Thus, tell him how happy you are or how uncomfortable you feel. This could be useful for your relationship.
5.“I am not a good father”
Instead of playing with father, your son would rather go out with the mother. It is just a normal thing, however your husband would be afraid that he is not good enough for his children. Therefore, you should let him know he is a great father and appreciate his achievement for the family.

6.“I have just been fired”
It is the big concern of the husbands. For them, a job is a base for him to complete his breadwinner responsibilities.  Job loss means that he is not able to take care of his family well.
You can see the anxiety on his face, sometimes he looks depressed, but still pretends that nothing happens. Thus, instead of being indifferent to him, you should encourage and appease him.

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