When I realize that my wife and children are my everything and return but

by duyhungb5

I am  a rich man,  having  a successful career which many men desire: three big companies in the hospitality industry and building materials. Besides, I also invest in property.  I earn enough money in a month for a person to live for his/her whole life. I am so proud of myself.
I have a happy family with a gorgeous wife and a lovely son. However, after six years of marriage and giving birth, my wife does not look as beautiful as before. She became dependent , and did not know how to support the husband. After getting married, she quit her job  and spent my money.  Compared to other women, I felt like my wife was too ordinary.
Then I cheated on her, over and over again. The more profitable my business got, the more I went abroad. Some of my new girlfriends look really attractive. Some are also intelligent, can speak some languages fluently. I could easily waste money for girls I liked, thus I had a lot of lovers.


However, when Lana came  into my life, I was not attracted to these girls anymore. I did not give money to any girls, except for her. In my eyes, she was the best.
Lana would like to buy a new house, the following day, I immediately  bought  her  a modern flat. I provided her with a sum of money monthly. In general,  I always  gave her whatever she wanted.
Suddenly,  my company’s business plan was stolen by a partner company. The day after, I saw Lana driving a new fancy car with this company’s director. I got mad and intended to give her a slap but she looked arrogantly at me and said “You idiot. Ask for it! Why do you blame it on me?”
After that, my company lost  millions of dollars. I wanted to take back whatever I gave her ,but it was impossible. I felt disappointed, would like to return back to my wife because I realized that these women only wanted me for my money. They did not love me or agree to be my side without condition. All they expected from me was money.
Though I would like to change, my wife and child got fed up with me. When I left, she became more and more beautiful.  However,  since I returned, my wife went out more often, even she brought my son with her so I was not doubtful.


One day, she gave me a divorce form which had already got her signature, I was shocked. When I asked her the reason, she told me that she had loved another man, she did not want to do the same thing as I did.
I got petrified. The day after, she came home with a new ring. When I demanded her, she said it was a proposal ring.
The thing that shocked me more is that her new man is a well-known businessman. I always underestimated her. That I left her heartlessly gave a chance to another man.
I felt very regretful, wished she could accept my repentance, however she was so determined to end  our relationship.  According to court’s decision, she and that man would take care of my son. Therefore, I did not lose  my wife but also my son.
I hope people  like me can read this story and spend time thinking about it. Actually, your wife is the only one who can sacrifice for you. Never let her be heartbroken because then another man will take her from you soon.

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