Infertility story with series of funny photos

by duyhungb5

This is a picture of  Spencer and Whitney Blake’s family, from Idaho, with their two lovely sons . However,  anyone hardly knows the difficulties they had to face and how they overcame them to have a family of their own.   


They endeavored  to treat it. However, after 3 years of treatment, they stopped thinking about giving birth and considered adopting instead.
Replying to Buzzfeed News’ email, the couple wrote: “We both pretty quickly felt a lot of peace with the decision to finally draw a curtain on fertility treatments and focus our attention on growing our family through adoption”.
The first boy was adopted in 2012, the second boy, in 2014. They told that their boys were the best achievement of the greatest adventure in their life.  


They began to share their story of adopting the children with the support of their agency on their blog which has still been  updated to inspire other couples.
The pair shared that their posts were for bringing their knowledge and experience which they have been advised before, but overall they would like to show everybody that adoption was not something weird or scary but wonderful and it’s also a beautiful gesture. 
Recently, this couple started to discuss  pregnancy announcements posts on Instagram and Pinterest, then they came up with an idea of making an album about their infertility story.                 


They laughed a lot in the  car when they were talking about how to materialize their idea and then  an incredible project was born.
They decided to post the photos on their blog on the occasion of the week of infertility awareness and took inspiration from the creative pregnancy  announcements on social media.                      
“We realize that is not how everyone deals with challenges, but for us personally, for this particular problem, we found that having a sense of humor made infertility a bit more bearable,” this pair wrote.                           


These pictures paid attention to the media, the couple said that they were very happy that their messages went viral in a humorous way.
“People have told us they got a well-needed laugh out of them. We hope we’ve been a support to people, just as perfect strangers have been a support to us by sending us emails and messages telling us they appreciated the sentiments.”  according to the pair.                          Infertility-story-with-series-of-funny-photos
 Spence and Whitney also said that they were happy to talk with those people who did not have to deal with infertility. 
The pair wrote: “Just the simplest acknowledgment that what we were going through was hard was so appreciated,” “We were always so grateful when someone took the time to let us know they cared.”

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