5 ways to make old bottles into beautiful vases

With a little bit of passion, patience, and recreation, you may turn the used bottles into vases to decorate your home.

Method 1:
–    A glass or a glass vase.
–    Glitter
–    Tools: double-sided adhesive tape, scissors.

 Wind three strips of  the doubled sided tape around the glass with the same distance. Then, take out the release liner. Scatter  glitter  over sticky surface. To make sure that glitter is dispersed equally, you should roll the glass in glitter which is placed on the table.

Glitter layers bring your cup a new look. You could select the color of glitter which is appropriate to the flower colors. A little ton-sur-ton vase embellishes your little table!

Method 2:
–    Glass bottle
–    3D gloss enamels ( with small tip, orange and yellow color)

You make interleaved vertical yellow and orange lines with different lengths, let it be overnight. Thus you can have many floating colorful lines.

Now you only need to fill your new vase with some beautiful tulips. In this way, you can make use of old glass, then turn creatively it into a lovely vase. Each vase ,each color. This will add colors to your space.

Method 3:
–    2 glasses with different heights.
–    Yellow and  pink threads
–    Tools: scissors, glue gun.


Clean the outside of the glasses. Fix one end of the thread on the body of glass with glue. Wind the thread around the glass twice, 1cm and 3cm wide wraps with 2 –cm-distance. After that, glue the the other end, you should stretch every wraps and hold it closely. You can also apply 2 or 3 wraps with a range of color.

How lovely a glass coated with many colorful threads is! Now you just need fill it with some fresh flowers. Very easy!

Method 4:
–    Glass bottle (you should select a bottle with an oval body)
–    Acrylic color
–    Glass cup, plastic bag.


1.    Cover the cup with plastic bag filled with light blue paint.
2.    Dip the bottle into it, submerge the vase’s body in this liquid, then take out it, let it dry.
3.    After that, you apply dark blue to the position which is below the position above.

You do this with 3 other bottles. With just a white daisy for each bottle is fine enough. In this way, the best choice is bottles which have small size and nice shape.

 Method 5:
–    Glass bottle
–    Spray paint
–    Tools: tape, scissors.

 It is similar to method 4, instead of covering it with liquid color, you spray paint on it. For the unpainted part, you should wrap it with napkin or tape. After you get the paint to dry, you take out it. In this way, you can apply two different colors to it. 

Very easy and simple. You have a new vase with beautiful motif. 
With 5 methods above, you can make use of old bottles or glasses at home. Creation helps refresh your home.

 Good luck for you!


Originally posted 2023-04-10 05:58:41.

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