8 types of man that woman should avoid

by duyhungb5

A man who considers money is above everything else would never be a good guy. Being with him may make you feel terrified due to his cold-blooded lifestyle.
You fall in love with a guy and wish to tie a knot with him, therefore, you can be sympathetic with his personality, even his bad ones. However, it is time for you to awake. The following ideas indicate some sorts of bad guy you should avoid.
1. Never promising

A promise does not mean that he could make it come true but at least, he wants to gain your trust. When a man does not want to make a promise, maybe his love for you is not strong enough.  Being afraid of commitment and promising is being afraid of responsibility. He is afraid that by promising you he would miss the chance to be with someone else better than you.
One trait is that he only prefers having physical touch with you to beginning a serious relationship. If it is the way he treats you, you should have a frank talk with him then make your decision.


2. A hot-tempered man

You should avoid a man, who easily becomes furious. He will often scold at you, put his anger on you, even use violence.  Getting married to this man, you would only suffer.

3.Not talking much about himself

He may explain that he is a quiet, shy person or something like that. However, apparently, it proves that he does not want to develop a serious relationship with you. If a man finds his other half, he would share all about him with her such as his dream, job, intention…
In the contrary, a man who hides himself even from his girlfriend seemingly does not take you highly. Once he does not want to reveal himself, you may not understand him well. It is a bad thing.

4. Using you

He takes advantage of you physically, financially, … In your relationship, he actively uses you and takes it for granted. A man who is sincere, trustful, and has self-respect will never play on a woman.

5.Constantly comparing you to another girl

This type of boyfriend always feels insatiate. He often compares you with others. You don’t have to change to become a person he wants you to be because he is  not worth it. He gradually does not satisfy with you, takes you lightly. He does not deserve to your love.

6.Money is the most important to him
A man who takes money above everything else may not be a good man. You can be practical but never be a money’s slave. You would feel terrified because of his emotionless and heartless lifestyle


7.Taking himself too seriously

This guy will bring your life tragedy if you are with him. From a small matter to a big deal, he will never listen to you and objectively consider a matter. A selfish and conservative boyfriend might make it hard for you.

8.Controlling person  

If your boyfriend is a jealous person and wants to decide what you can do, you should break up with him because he only considers you a prisoner but  someone he loves. Once he really loves you, he will look after you well and take you highly. A man who controls you too much ( what you can do, where you can go and who you meet …) only makes your life tougher.


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