Basic mistakes and how to defrost properly

1. Some basic mistakes that people usually made when defrosting:
People often defrost their food by microwave but if we do it improperly, we may get some different poisons in your body.

Let’s the food defrost automatically by the room’s temperature

When people put the frozen food (especially meat) in normal temperature, it’s easier for bacteria to multiply many times more than before defrosting as well as make the food become rancid faster.

Defrosting by the oven
The way that people defrosting the food by oven or microwave is pretty sensitive to bacteria due to the fact that if you don’t eat it right after being defrosted, the amount of bacteria can increase much faster. Therefore, you should processing it immediately after being thawed or put it in refrigerator to preserve.

Defrosting fish before cooking
When you defrost a frozen fish, remind not to let it become too soft because it will lose the nutrients as well as the taste of the fish

Defrosting vegetable
Actually, for frozen vegetable, we don’t need to defrost it because they will mushy and lose quality. The best way is you should put the frozen vegetable directly in the pot to cook them.

Use hot oil to defrost
If you use hot oil to defrost the frozen food which just right being taken out from fridge, this is a seriously dangerous way because hot oil and ice water can cause a very strong reaction or even can cause fire.

Cook the frozen food longer than normal
You are lazy to wait for the food which is soaking in water, that’s why you put it directly in the pot to cook. You think that cooking it is similar to cooking the fresh and normal one and the only different thing is the cooking time. This thinking is absolutely wrong because when you cook it in a longer time, it’ll easily become overcooked. Therefore, the food may lose its nutrients as well as its taste can’t be delicious as it supposed to be.

Try to defrost fruit as fast as possible
Like vegetable, if we defrost it too fast, fruit will be mushy and then can easily be attacked by bacteria. You should put it in cool compartment so that it can help the fruit cool down gradually.

2. The methods for defrosting properly 
Defrost right in the cool compartment of the fridge
This is the most common and simple way to thaw. You just need to take the meat out from the freezer and put it in the cool compartment until it becomes softer. This way take more time than usual or sometimes it can take a whole day just to unfreeze a half kilogram of meat and the bigger the meat is, the longer it takes. You could get the meat out from the cold compartment the previous day so that the meat can be ready for the next day.
Meat, poultry, fish and ground meat after being defrosted  by this way can be preserve in cool compartment for 1 or 2 days before being cooked. Moreover, if you no longer wanna cook this meat, you can utterly put it back to the freezer of the fridge to preserve it.
In order to prevent the ice-water melting, you should prepare a plastic bag or a glass bowl to contain them before putting them back in the cool compartment. This container can avoid the water affecting other foods in the fridge.

De-ice by cold water
If you want to thaw faster, you should take the food out from the freezer and then soak it in water. This way is really fast as well as doesn’t lose the food’s nutrients.
The benefit of this way is the process of thawing the meat much faster than putting it in the freezer of the refrigerator. However, the disadvantage is you must always keep your eyes on it when soaking the pack of frozen meat in cold water. You should remember that the food must be packed in a sealed plastic bag so that the meat doesn’t in directly contact with water. Additionally, this method should use cold water only because hot water can heat the outer layer of the meat up. As a result, this temperature will be a good condition for the development of bacteria. After every 30’ you should check and change the soaking water to make sure that the temperature of the water is cold enough. 
By this way, you can thaw a half of kilogram frozen meat for only 1 hour but you should notice that you have to cook it immediately after defrosting.
Soaking water containing shred of ginger or salt can also be a good choice to make the meat become fresher.

The product which is de-iced by cool compartment still be able to use up to 3 or 5 days before cooking. As a result, if you can’t cook it yet, you absolutely can process it in the following day.

Do not defrost in the air environment because the food can be easily attacked by bacteria as well as this method takes much longer time than other ways.

Some people use microwave to defrost because they think that it’s a safe-time way. However, they really don’t know that by this way, the food was cooked at the outside and therefore, it will lose its natural taste. If you have to use this way to defrost, maybe you should cook the immediately after being defrost.

If you defrost food, one thing you shouldn’t do most is re-freezing them in the fridge due to the fact that this action creates a good condition for bad virus and bacteria development process.

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