Does having sex become different as you age?

Unlike in your twenties, since at the age of 30, you had found out a few differences. It explains that you spend one-third of your life as well as there are many changes inside you, including your sexual life.
When your youth has passed both in literal and figurative sense, you will try to build a serious relationship, take a big care of your partner thus, sex life has more experiences
1. Hormone deficiency.
Many studies pointed out that the peak time of a hormone managing male sexual desires is at the age of 18. After that, everything changes apparently. However, it turns out to be a good thing. Without hormone control, people might become their own guide with feelings and experiences.

2. Care more about details
At the age of 30, maybe you had some relationships. With your, even good or bad, experiences, you could figure out your signs, for example, their body or face movement during sexual intercourse. It means that you can make your partner more satisfied.

3. Patience
When you become more mature, the sexual life is not “hormone lead” anymore but a connection between two souls. Sex is not an urgent target since the beginning, everything will slow down. You learn about each other later at the right time, what happens will happen.

4. The things after it become more interesting
Instead of considering how the intercourse is going to be, you care about what to do after it has finished, such as caressing, chatting,…  It is similar to a party, its atmosphere must be good, the served food must be also delicious; after eating, people start talking cheerfully.

5. A better prelude
With your own experiences, patience, sophistication, you can bring excitement to your partner and even to yourself  thanks to your incredible beginning stage. 

6. Sex is not everything
You will not think much about it as before. It is not due to hormone deficiency but your other numerous concerns such as job, finance  ,… When a man is aware of his life responsibility, sex becomes nothing to him. Thus your love gets harmonious physically and spiritually. 
Being over 30 years old becomes a nightmare for many people however it turns out to be an interesting term for your sexual life

Originally posted 2023-04-09 05:58:37.

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